A Few Songs Echo Adore Wish They'd Written

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Echo Adore are a gloom-pop duo from Perth. Echo Adore are a gloom-pop duo from Perth.

Self-described gloom-pop duo, Echo Adore's newest release is the single 'Fantasma' – a song that came to life after an all-nighter swapping stories between band members Oliver James and Damian Diggs.

Focused on themes of love and loss, Echo Adore were inspired by the likes Crowded House and INXS with 'Fantasma' the result.

"All the cheesy stories you tell yourself about how you're the protagonist in your own rom-com. That post break-up fog where you're always right," Echo Adore says.

"We were listening to a lot of Crowded House and INXS, remarking that most pop songs are told from a righteous perspective. We wanted to write one from the other side: the person who doesn't realise they're the problem."

Echo Adore teamed with Dave Parkin (Pond, Karnivool) recording 'Fantasma' at Perth's Blackbird Studios with William Bowden (Ball Park Music, You Am I) on mixing and mastering duties.

"Pop songs, love and negativity. Not the best tasting combination," adds Echo Adore. "['Fantasma'] has all the tropes of a love song. The gendered gaze, the cries for attention and the saccharine harmonies.

"But underneath we wanted to have a second commentary on pop songs themselves. The idea that pop can reinforce unhealthy fixations, usually from a male perspective projected onto women."

Echo Adore play The Sewing Room (Perth) 26 November.

Here, Oliver and Damian list a few songs they wished they'd written.

Depeche Mode - 'Enjoy The Silence'

A timeless tune that just keeps on giving the more you listen to it. I love how it builds and sets a certain poignant mood.

Mercy Arms - 'Kilby'

The thumping heartbreaker all tangled up in Kirin J Callinan's saccharine, dreamy guitar lines. One of Australia's best indie rock bands from that time circa 2007-2008.

Low - 'Candy Girl'

There's a mysterious and captivating vibe about this song, the way Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parke intertwine their voices. The progenitors of slowcore.

Bored Nothing - 'Let Down'

Bittersweet dream-pop with a catchy bassline and drum beat that always has me playing it on repeat. A band that had so much potential, but ended way too soon.

Crowded House - 'Nails In My Feet'

This song reminds me of someone that's no longer in my life and moments that are quite dear. Emotive and visceral songwriting. Neil Finn is one of New Zealand's greatest.

Tim Hecker - 'The Piano Drop'

Tim Hecker has been around for a while and deserves more recognition. Ambient and pensive, the perfect song for a lone, late-night drive.

Captain Beefheart - 'Moonlight On Vermont'

Whenever I'm down, Captain Beefheart comes to the rescue with his joyous, anarchy, frantic blues. Definitely an artist in the true sense of the word, beyond his time.

INXS - 'Original Sin'

From beginning to end it's brimming with addictive grooves and melodies. An incredible chorus supported by an amazing rhythm section.

Icehouse - 'Man Of Colours'

It's hard to go past the brilliance of Iva Davies. One of my favourite songwriters. Could talk passionately for hours about his songs.

k.d. lang - 'Constant Craving'

Just great songwriting. A painfully beautiful, languid vocal melody over nice chords. Instantly recognisable.

Doves - 'Snowden'

Catchy melodies and interesting production – two hallmarks of Doves. Dance to it after a few drinks and you'll be soaring.

The Church - 'Under The Milky Way'

One of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. Gets under your skin and stays there. Like an ex you can't forget.

Mike Noga - 'All My Friends Are Alcoholics'

Gone too soon. Mike released my favourite album of 2016. A fiend for lyrics, his songs have cheek and charm in equal doses.

The Finn Brothers - 'Only Talking Sense'

The Finn Brothers merging their talents. An eerie tale about familial anguish and emotional scars.



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