6 Ultimate Blue-Eyed Soul Moments According To Coastal Elite

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Coastal Elite's 'Music For Marinas: Pt.1' EP is out now. Coastal Elite's 'Music For Marinas: Pt.1' EP is out now.

Coastal Elite is the new brainchild/ umbrella project of Personal Best Records' co-founder and curator Joshua Beagley, captaining an interchanged crew of talented musical peers.

His bandmates include Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive), Terepai Richmond (The Whitlams), Harry Sutherland (Australian Athlete), Carl Fox, Holiday Sidewinder and many more.

Their debut EP, 'Music For Marinas: Pt.1', nods in the direction of the 'Yacht Rock' canon, the tracks replete with flourishes of exquisite musicianship that deliver a dreamy pulse of shimmering synths, bubbling bass, richly layered vocal harmonies and bursts of sweet melody.

Considering we weren't allowed to smash a bottle of champers against the album (we asked, they said no), Coastal Elite christen the album with their Top 6 (because who could stop at just 5?) perfect tracks at the nexus of soul, pop and disco.

1: Jackson Browne - 'Somebody’s Baby'

From the soundtrack to 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'. Not much more needs to be said. Literally the perfect pop song.

2: Nicolette Larson - 'Lotta Love'

Everyone seems to know this song even if they’ve never heard it before. A sublime '70s one-hit wonder.

3: Ace - 'How Long'

Most people think this is Hall & Oates, but it’s sung by Paul Carrack, one of the great white soul voices, who later joined UK Squeeze and sang 'Tempted'.

4: Ambrosia - 'Biggest Part Of Me'

The most-played song on my iTunes and Spotify in the last 12 months. Unbelievable vocal and harmonies.

5: Hall & Oates - 'One On One'

Impossible not to have a Hall & Oates song on this list, this is arguably their finest moment.

6: Kenny Loggins - 'This Is It'

I couldn’t stop at five; had to include a Loggins. . . A founding member of the Yacht Rock brat pack, Loggins’ vocal yearning is a wonder to hear. Also covered memorably by Millie Jackson with an R-rated intro and well worth a listen.

'Music For Marinas: Pt.1' EP is out now.


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