6 Tips For Getting Over Someone Shared By Sayah

Sayah's new single is titled 'Fruit'. Sayah's new single is titled 'Fruit'.

Some two years since her last song, Sydney's electro-soul singer-songwriter Sayah returns with a cheeky 'f you' track to former lovers titled 'Fruit'.

The in-demand singer (she has being a backing vocalist for Safia, Thandi Phoenix, KLP, and Cosmo's Midnight's Like A Version live recordings at triple j) is currently the feature lead vocalist for Cosmo's Midnight live show, and will feature at their run of appearances as part of Fresh Produce this year.

"When you've got an insane connection with someone, but you know they're not good for you, so you try everything to move on including seeing new people," explains Sayah about the inspiration for 'Fruit'.

"But no matter what, they're always on your mind and it's so freaking annoying! At the same time, you also kinda love it. Ughhh the confusion!"

Here, the trained jazz vocalist shares a few tips for getting over your ex pronto.

1: Cut contact as much as you can. Mute them on socials, keep texts and calls to a minimum. This is the hardest part, but probably the most important – otherwise you'll most likely end up in a weird limbo where lines are blurred. You've got to remind yourself that there is a reason it didn't work out and keep moving forward.

2: Remember your worth. You deserve a relationship that adds value to your life. Anything else just ain't worth it.

3: Let yourself feel it – don't bottle it up. Cry it out. Journal. Vent to your friends. The only way out of this is through it, but remember that nearly every person in the world has gone through something like this before. These feelings are normal and they're temporary.

4: Move your body. Go for a run or a try a new dance class. Or literally just put on some music at home and go nuts – amazing how much moving your body can lift your mood.

5: Flirt! Now that you're single, flex that flirt muscle, but only when you're ready to. Allow yourself to start exploring the idea of someone else. They may or may not be the first person you've loved, but I promise they won't be the last. In the meantime, there's nothing like a healthy flirty exchange to boost your confidence.

6: Write a f... you song called 'Fruit'.

Sayah headlines Oxford Art Factory (Sydney) 13 May.

Sayah 2021 Tour Dates with Cosmo's Midnight

13 Aug - Fresh Produce (Townsville)
27 Aug - Fresh Produce (Maitland)
3 Sep - Fresh Produce (Toowoomba)
10 Sep - Fresh Produce (Hobart)
17 Sep - Fresh Produce (Canberra)
24 Sep - Fresh Produce (Bendigo)
1 Oct - Fresh Produce (Adelaide)
27 Dec - Wildlands (Brisbane)



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