6 Songs That Inspired The Writing Of Tori Forsyth's New Album 'Provlépseis'

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Tori Forsyth's new album is titled 'Provlépseis'. Tori Forsyth's new album is titled 'Provlépseis'.

Likened to artists like Lana Del Ray and Angel Olsen, emerging Australian alternative country, indie artist Tori Forsyth continues to expand her own sonic territory as she embraces an eclectic range of influences.

This journey includes the release today of her second studio album, 'Provlépseis'.

"This record is definitely very personal," Tori reveals. "Whenever I write, it's difficult for me to not be the centrepiece of the song."

Remaining true to herself is what drives Tori's creative expression and, while creating this striking 13-track collection, she allowed herself to be guided by the needs of each individual song, freed from genre expectations.

This creative path to traverse different genres can easily be traced back to Tori's own set of eclectic musical influences that range from Stevie Nicks and Miley Cyrus to Nirvana and The Cranberries; so it's a natural step for Tori to embrace guitar-driven rock elements with her newer material.

"I've learned a lot since releasing my first record," Tori says. "I've not just grown but I've grown up.

"My musical tastes have expanded an incredible amount. I'm the type of person that's going to listen to heavy metal in the morning then blues and roots and country in the night. I listen to music all day and it's such a vast spectrum of music."

We asked Tori to share some of the female artists who inspired her new album, and it opened the door to her stepping outside of her original alt-country roots.

Hole - 'Violet'

The angst in this song gives me life. It's actually been my ringtone since 2018. The way Courtney Love screams and destroys with her vocals had me wanting to push myself further vocally and lean into my teen angst that still lingers.

PJ Harvey - 'Dress'

This song is one of my favourite's by PJ because she is so straight-forward with her lyrics. Her performance of it at Big Day Out in 2001 is one of the most inspiring solo performances I've ever watched.

The Cranberries - 'Daffodil Lament'

The ride that this song takes you on reminds me structures are irrelevant if the song is great. I love the emotion you feel throughout this song, something I really wanted to explore on the record.

Joan Jett - 'Bad Reputation'

While we didn't necessarily draw on this song for inspiration, I feel like the energy of the record is a direct download from Joan's I don't give a F attitude.

Alanis Morrisette - 'Hand In My Pocket'

Alanis reminds me that pop music is great; this song is lyrically and vocally driven, yet so catchy and a major ear worm. Alanis has a huge impact on my writing.

Veruca Salt - 'Volcano Girls'

I became obsessed with this song and then Veruca Salt during the writing of this record. It made me feel weirdly like a kid again that just wanted to be liked but also hated everyone – potentially a theme on the record.



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