6 Songs That Influenced 'Action' By Sheph.ART And Barry Saleh

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Sheph.ART and Barry Saleh Sheph.ART and Barry Saleh Image © Jadedamico

Producers Sheph.ART and Barry Saleh from Liverpool, Sydney are no strangers to smooth melodies, crisp beats and immaculate vibes – and this is proven through the new single 'Action’.

This new track is the pair's debut offering as artists in their own right – having been responsible for producing music for the likes of A.Girl, Youngn Lipz, Pistol Pete, Billymaree, JKing and more. 'Action' oozes with self-actualisation, as Sheph.ART sings “Let ‘em see my actions speak, Imma let ‘em see my actions speak”.

The song inspires toe tapping and head bobbing in an instant – with a steady beat, flowing verses and soaring vocals, and an infectious instrumental.

Visually, the song is brought to new levels through physical symbols representing the themes of the two artists' individual verses. By the end of the music video which is shot in a Western Sydney backyard, the pair look into the flames of a fire, as they reflect on their past and plan for their future.

“’Action’ is a reference to the people who have doubted my musical, creative and business abilities, always being nowhere to be found when crunch time was imminent and now would like a seat at the table to bear the fruits of my labor,” Sheph.ART says. “I specifically made the production as gritty as possible without losing its melodic essence in order to take the listener through an emotional rollercoaster to feel the hunger that I felt going through the motions of being able to get to where I am today and looking to go forward from here.”

Sheph.ART and Barry have channelled a few influences on 'Action'. Here, the pair list six tracks that influenced the track.


'Moi,je prouve' by Tayc.
Tayc creates music in the French genre. Even though we don’t understand a word that he is saying, the music that he creates has a lot of sonic depth and this inspired the production for 'Action' to have multiple layers.


'Bang Bang' by Don Toliver.
Even though the record is quite simple, Don Toliver is able to express heavy amounts of energy and emotion through his delivery. This record inspired us to focus on the performance of our vocals in 'Action'.


'A M A R I' by J.Cole.
J.Cole is just someone you can’t deny as being one of the best in the game. He is a constant inspiration to both of us as artists, producers and as the character he portrays himself to be through his music. This record inspired the context for 'Action' as well as the music video.


'Hard Feelings' by Kareen Lomax.
The overall message in this record is savage and we embrace this kind of honesty in music.


'Gold Mine' by Joyner Lucas.
This record is everything, from the sound, the wicked flows to the quality of the engineering in the track and lyricism bring home a masterpiece in music. This record aligns with us in terms of our current hustle and grind that organically leaks into the music that we create.


'Blue Magic' by RSKO.
This is another French record that we were listening to at the time of 'Action'. The overall feeling of this song from the instrumental elements to the mixing quality of the vocals is something that we really resonated with.

'Action' by Sheph.ART and Barry Saleh is out now.

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