5 Ways Athena Joy Has Escaped The Madness Of 2020

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Gold Coast dark-pop singer-songwriter, Athena Joy's new EP is titled 'Into The Wild'. Gold Coast dark-pop singer-songwriter, Athena Joy's new EP is titled 'Into The Wild'.

Gold Coast dark-pop singer-songwriter, Athena Joy recently released her new, six-track EP titled 'Into The Wild'.

"This whole EP is about getting lost in your imagination and escapism," Athena says, who explores themes of empowerment and mental health across the six songs.

Minimalist electronica, ambient pieces and roaring harmonies, with personal lyrics about well-being and modern anxieties, 'Into The Wild' demands repeat listens.

With Queensland and Gold Coast Music Award nominations to her name, and a slew of live experience to draw upon, Athena Joy is a name you need to add to your playlists.

"This EP was all about escaping reality and getting lost in the world in my head – something I think a lot of people have started to understand in the madness 2020 has turned out to be," Athena says.

"Here are five ways I've escaped the hard times of this year."

1: Those things you never do

Not being able to go out has kind of forced a lot of us to do those things we truly enjoy doing. You know, the ones that sound like fun but also when you're busy also sound like a total waste of time?

I've spent a chunk of this year doing puzzles, reading books, baking treats, and honestly just reminding myself of other things I enjoy.

2: Being socially inventive

At Easter, my friends and I had an Easter hat party on Zoom with an online version of Cards Against Humanity.

Although we couldn't see each other IRL because of restrictions we found weird and wonderful ways to catch up that may not have happened otherwise.

3: Projects

My housemate is super into DIY and at the start of everything needed a project and had the idea of painting our garage and making a super cute creative space for me.

Not only is painting soothing and fun, but singing Taylor Swift lyrics while you're doing it is always a vibe.

4: Escape

My day job situation at the start of the pandemic, like a lot of people, was pretty complicated. One good thing that came out of it though was the opportunity to literally escape. I was able to travel to see my family for eight, whole weeks, which I am stupid grateful for.

Since then, I've had to go back to work and it's been a bit stressful and draining, and with the border closures as well we both don't know when we'll see each other again, but I am super grateful to have had that time at the start of the year.

5: Switching off... literally

My housemate and I both stopped watching the news and I also have spent whole weeks of this year with my phone off. Some might call it ignorant, I call it survival.

There have been points this year where it has felt like too much and going on your phone unfortunately at times feels like you can't escape it. One of the best things I've done this year is literally turn it the hell off, collect my sanity and try again tomorrow.



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