5 Unexpectedly Fantastic Late Night Sing-along Songs Selected By Angus Dawson

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Perth singer-songwriter, Angus Dawson has released his debut album titled 'Looking Over The Red Lights'. Perth singer-songwriter, Angus Dawson has released his debut album titled 'Looking Over The Red Lights'.

Perth singer-songwriter (and proud schoolteacher by day) Angus Dawson has just released his debut album, titled 'Looking Over The Red Lights'.

"Ever since I started making music," Angus says, "I've always wanted to do an album.

"Growing up that's how I listened to music, you save up your pocket money and buy a CD that you thrash until you can’t listen to it anymore.

"There's an intention behind an album as a whole and that's the way I enjoy listening to music.

"That is also how I want people to listen to this album, ideally. I know it's a bit of a dying art form but the sequencing is designed to take you on a little journey and I hope that comes across."

The album came together featuring collaborations with some fellow songwriting colleagues/ idols including Tom Iansek (Big Scary, #1 Dads) and Andy Hopkins (aka Hauskey).

"Thematically, there's two ideas for the album as a whole," adds Angus.

"There's a pretty steady lyrical theme around the end of a relationship and even though some of the songs are written years apart from one another, there's a central yearning to be more at peace by myself and to not measure my self-worth off the opinion of others.

"The other idea is more to do with the way the tracks are constructed. I love music that stops you in your tracks and evokes something within you that offers a sense of escapism. That's all I ever try to do with my own music.

"The title 'Looking Over The Red Lights' is more literal than you might think. It's about raising your eye-line beyond the minor stresses and frustrations that we're presented with every day.

"More so than ever, we live in a world that is constantly demanding too much of us; making us feel, look and act a certain way. Music has always acted as a reprieve and I hope that this album can do the same."

Here, Angus shares a few songs perfect for an unexpected late night sing-along.

1: 'I'll Make A Man Out You' - Mulan

Put it on and watch the party descend into glorious nostalgic joy.

2: 'I Miss You' - Blink-182

Especially Tom's verse in Tom's voice always.

3: 'Wash Your Face In Orange Juice' - Peter Combe

This song is etched into the memory of so many people in Australia and it deserves to be rediscovered.

4: '5, 6, 7, 8' - Steps

And you have to lead the way with the dance, always and forever.

5: 'Complicated' - Avril Lavigne

Perfect teenage angst sing-along. I dare you.

Angus Dawson launches 'Looking Over The Red Lights' at Rosemount Hotel (Perth) 10 April.



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