5 Types Of Flavoured Chips You'll Find In With Blue's Pantry

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With Blue are an indie rock, pop band from Brisbane. With Blue are an indie rock, pop band from Brisbane.

An indie rock band from the suburbs of Brisbane, With Blue deal in melodic, guitar-driven pop that'll remind you of the early noughties Aussie indie scene.

The band was formed in 2018 by high school sweethearts Jarryd Pollock (frontman), Tom Fitzgerald (lead guitar), and Will Fenwick (bass) – with the arrival of Kaleah Scanlon (drums) completing the outfit this year.

After releasing a debut single, 'Daisy', in 2019, last month the band returned with the seriously good EP 'Pleasure Lines'.

"A couple weeks ago we released 'Pleasure Lies' and we're so grateful for all the love it's been getting."

Now a regular of Brisbane's live scene, With Blue return to the stage this weekend (scroll down for the details). Here they dazzle you with their favourite flavours of chips. Bless.

5: Lime & Black Pepper (Red Rock Deli)

A bit of a wildcard pick just squeezing into the Top 5; this one is for our potato chip connoisseurs out there. A more delicate flavour for the developed palettes; you might even pour these into a bowl for your fancier guests.

4: Original/Salt (all brands)

The great-granddaddy of flavoured potato slices, this simple recipe has immense staying power (we're talking over 200 years of dominance).

Lots of options with different brands which, let's be honest, all taste like salt. It's a safe bet for parties with people you haven't met, who seem a little unadventurous.

3: Flamin' Hot Cheetos (Crunchy)

Our first and only international entry on this list; this iconic, all-American import really packs the heat. Not for faint-hearts or weak-stomachs, rumour has it Clairo wrote a whole song after digesting a single chip.

Would be higher on this list if it wasn't for the jacked-up international prices.

2: Sour Cream and Chives (Grain Waves)

This flavour gains a lot of points for helping to pretend we're choosing the healthy option when eating chips for dinner. Go on. . . finishing that 180g bag won't be too bad for you we promise.

Notably the only flavour on this list we might just buy as a last-minute birthday gift.

1: Salt & Vinegar (all brands)

No surprises that this is the one to take first place. The undisputed champ of chip flavours, it's actually laughable to suggest otherwise.

Not even going to bother specifying a brand because it doesn't matter how you spin this classic, it still comes out on top.

With Blue play Hotel Carrington (Brisbane) 23 October.



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