5 Two-Ingredient Meals For Life’s Winners Selected By Mid City

Mid City's newest single is titled 'Old Habits'. Mid City's newest single is titled 'Old Habits'.

Melbourne four-piece indie rockers Mid City are gearing up for an east-coast tour that heads off next week (after a Melbourne launch last week), to promote their latest single 'Old Habits'.

The band recently released a video to accompany the 'Old Habits' song. ”We think this clip really embodies the sentiment of the song, but also the chemistry of the band and how we go about what we do.

"Videos on tiny budgets can be super hit and miss but this ol' skool, slightly tongue and cheek vibe just felt like home for us. Joel [Griffith, singer] was maybe too comfy in that kimono and shades combo... He wore it round the place for a few days after the shoot. Wannabe method actors hey?!”

We asked the band to supply a listicle and it seems Joel was still deep in his method acting considering the subject matter.

"Like most areas of my life, when it comes to food I like to think of myself as a modern man of minimalism - invulnerable to the lumbering, culinary excessiveness weighing down all those poor, regular people in their humdrum, day-to-day lives," Joel Griffith says.

"Truth is I can't cook for sh.t and don't have the patience or motivation to learn how, and this is probably emblematic of some larger structure issues in my life.

"This unsettling realisation aside, here are the official, Mid City-endorsed top 5 two-ingredient meals for life's winners."

5. Expresso Risotto

How good is Italian food? I know! How annoying is stirring arborio rice for 45 freaking minutes? Oh damn, that's right. Here's your answer, Young Blood: Campbell's condensed mushroom soup. Polenta (polenta's still European right?). Combine and heat. Preferably on a hobo's bin fire.

4. The Noodle Burger

First recorded on Day 2 at schoolies once our parents' recommended rations ran out on a surprisingly accurate drunk reenactment of Da Vinci's Last Supper. Maggie noodles shoved in a bread roll. Stomach: lined.

3. Queso Del La Celbolla

Ok, this one is just cheese and a raw onion. But if you think this isn't a meal just keep slicing and find out. I did. I now have a near-fatal intolerance to both.

2. Mother and Son

Here's one for all you new-age Socrates types. Slice open a chicken breast and crack an egg into it. Place that in the oven for 30 minutes, during which time you can ponder both how deep is it that your eating two forms of the one animal in the same dish as well as the fact that your life really is going nowhere.

1. Best Western Espresso Martini

Let's face it, if any of these meals appeal to you as part of your lifestyle acceleration programme you'll probably find yourself living in a Best Western at some stage so let's just cut to getting you loaded.

Pour a complimentary Nescafe single serve into your mouth. Add three to twelve shots of Red Square vodka and shake your entire body uncontrollably while thinking about how far you've really come.

Mid City Tour Dates

Thu 31 Jan - Up @ Marly Bar (Sydney)
Fri 1 Feb - Shoal Bay Country Club (Hunter Valley)
Sat 2 Feb - Hamilton Station Hotel (Newcastle)
Sun 3 Feb - North Gong Hotel (Wollongong)
Thu 7 Feb - The Northern (Byron Bay)
Fri 8 Feb - Greaser (Brisbane)
Sat 9 Feb - Nightquarter (Gold Coast)



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