5 Toppest, Nicest Indie Musicians According To Millington

Millington's newest single is titled 'I Am That'. Millington's newest single is titled 'I Am That'.

Melbourne-based artist Millington is back with the life-affirming single 'I Am That'.

Millington spent 2018 recording his debut album, which is still in production, before relocating back to his home soils of the UK and reconnecting to his music roots.

'I Am That' was recorded in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, Millington's home town, at the Riff Factory, engineered and mastered by Tom Carter – a childhood friend of Millington's.

Currently at the tail-end of a month-long European tour supporting Melbourne duo Pierce Brothers, here Millington shares 5 of his 'toppest, nicest indie artists' – beginning with Pat and Jack Pierce.

Pierce Brothers

I met Pat and Jack at an art gallery in Collingwood back in 2008 for a mutual friend, Luna Tunes' exhibition. They have this raw magnetism as artists and as people; I fell in love with what they were all about from the beginning. They have an endearing nature, which comes across in their music.

We've been mates through the best and the hardest of times. They were groomsmen at my wedding, they are brothers in arms and it is ALWAYS a good idea to go to their live shows as their energy is unparalleled.

Tunes to listen to: 'Trip Lovers', 'Brother'.

Tones And I

Toni is a true salt of the earth, soul sister. Her uplifting and jovial nature makes her an inspiring person to be around. Her music is clearly resonating with lots of people at the moment, hardly surprising as her melodies and vibe cut straight to the heart.

When we used to hang out at venues and coffee shops on the Peninsula, Victoria, she would always be mindful of others moods and has this great ability to lift you up should you be feeling low. She was there for me when times got hard. I'll never forget the love she showed me.

Tunes to listen to: 'Dance Monkey', 'The Kids Are Coming'.

Alana Wilkinson

What a treasure Al is. We meet at a gig (tends to be the way most musos meet) and I was stunned by her authentic vibration and prize-winning smile. Her storytelling is gorgeous and her voice resonates deeply.

It's hard not to fall in love with her music. Plus she's hilarious, an absolute ripper lass. Myself, Al, Harrison Storm and the Jack The Fox lads would regular chill and jam together when I used to live in Mornington.

Tunes to listen to: 'Closer', 'Partner In Crime'.

Kerryn Fields

Well Kez is a real soul mama, a force in human form with a heart of pure love. Her music flows through soulful folk and country vibes and she is one heaven 'n' hell of a lyricist.

We meet at a party that Jack and Pat (Pierce Brothers) we're throwing in Warranwood. Jams, fires, beers etc. Once we got chatting, it was clear we shared a passion for all things divine and got deep discussing all things beautiful and cosmic. A warrior women.

Tunes to listen to: 'Mamma', 'Lovely'.

Grim Fawkner

Now, I love this man for many reasons. His voice sounds like a glass of whiskey around a campfire, his guitar work feels like a river twisting around a rouge landscape, and he a tells a bloody good story too.

The guy is pure gold and has an embracing nature that you can't help but feel endeared by. He's a real troubadour; where he lays his head is his home kinda chap and he can drink most people under the table.

Tunes to listen to: 'If I', 'Son'.


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