5 Tips To Learn A Foreign Language With Memories Of Brazil

Memories Of Brazil plays three shows at 2021 Adelaide Fringe. Memories Of Brazil plays three shows at 2021 Adelaide Fringe.

We can't travel internationally at the moment, but we can still dream.

Part of Adelaide Fringe's 2021 programme, 'Memories Of Brazil' features Shelley Dunstone (vocals) and Daniel Gosling (guitar) performing their favourite Brazilian music and share their memories.

Each has a different perspective to offer. Shelley is from Adelaide, and has visited Brazil twice. Daniel is from Brazil, and moved to Australia in 2019. They'll be performing Bossa Nova and music from Daniel's region of Brazil.

Here, Shelley shares some tips to learn a foreign language. "Over the past seven years I've been learning Brazilian Portuguese, to understand my favourite songs and to sing some of them in their original language, and also to communicate with my Brazilian friends. Of course it has also helped me in my travels in Brazil.

"I've always enjoyed learning languages. In addition to Brazilian Portuguese, I've studied French, German, Italian and Spanish."

1: Find a class. It will give you focus and motivation. With a teacher, you’ll learn much faster than if you try to teach yourself.

2: Use a physical dictionary. When you look up a word in a book, you'll encounter other words too.

3: Develop your listening skills and practise imitating the sounds you hear. Talk to yourself – say the words out loud.

4: Watch the faces of native speakers when they are talking. What facial muscles are they using? What shape does their mouth make? Copy what you notice them doing.

5: Relax and be willing to make mistakes. That's the only way to learn. Don’t be embarrassed. If you make a mistake just laugh and try again.

'Memories Of Brazil' plays at Ayers House Ballroom as part of Adelaide Fringe on 27 February, 12-13 March.



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