5 Tips For The Aspiring Piano Bar Artist With Jake Bristow

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One Trick Pony Club takes place at What's Golden (Brisbane) 6 February. One Trick Pony Club takes place at What's Golden (Brisbane) 6 February.

Brisbane's newest and 'wildest ride', late-night variety show One Trick Pony Club returns for its sophomore session next weekend (6 February).

It'll be an evening that will witness all manner of wild, weird and wonderful antics onstage across a range of genres: music, sketch comedy, circus, dance, acrobatics, drag and everything else in-between.

One Trick Pony Club: Act 2 will showcase comedians Kate Wheatley and Chris Martin, multi award-winning cabaret drag artist Candy Surprise, jazz talent Yas Queen and local favourites Blues Arcadia.

"One Trick Pony Club was born out of a strong passion for entertainment and community arts projects and to raise the level of support for our local artists post-Covid," creators Tony and Sarah says.

"This weird and wonderful show-cross dance party, is Brisbane's chance to come together and celebrate life's ultimate joy through creative expression."

One Trick Pony Club's resident piano man, Jake Bristow will also be ready to tinkle the ivories for your enjoyment.

Jake also provides musical dialogue, singing, comedy, cabaret and audience participation throughout the entire show – it's super camp and super cheesy.

One Trick Pony Club takes place at What's Golden (Brisbane) 6 February.

Here, Jake lists a few tips for aspiring piano players to keep their audience engaged.

1: Billy Joel - 'Piano Man'

Yes, believe it or not, this is the most requested piano bar song ever of all time.

Do yourself a favour and make it a once-a-night-only rule and be strategic for when you want to crack this baby open! Once these flood gates open, there's no swimming back.

2: Elton John - 'I'm Still Standing'

Top tip: Demand from your audience to hear everyone singing "YEAH YEAH YEAH" before the song is through (or keep playing it until they obey).

3: 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'

Yes, it is time for Britney bitch! Everyone (I see you) has a guilty pleasure for Britney; use it to your advantage. Use it one more time.

4: Journey - 'Don't Stop Believing'

Everyone will automatically sing the chorus (even if they don't know they are doing it!). Top tip: Get your audience to sing to the chorus without any piano accompaniment for an ultimate crown pleasing journey.


5: The Beatles - 'Hey Jude'

Set your audience a challenge in this tune to make the ‘Nah Nah Nah’s’ at the end to sound as ugly as they can! All while swaying side to side. A guaranteed big finish!



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