5 Things You Didn't Know About Sydney Indie Pop Band Loretta

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Loretta are an indie pop band from Sydney. Loretta are an indie pop band from Sydney.

With production similar to The 1975, Sydney indie pop band Loretta's latest single 'Late Night' focuses on the hectic feelings of meeting someone for the first time and having an emotional connection.

"'Late Night' recalls the events of the first 24 hours after you meet someone you're completely infatuated with, a day in the life of any 20-something," the band says.

"[Frontman] Ellis [Hoare] brought in the initial idea after being inspired by a conversation he'd had with a friend. Once he got started the song pretty much wrote itself.

"The rest of us fleshed out the arrangement a few different ways until we landed on something we were happy with. Following that, some of our very talented friends had some fantastic ideas that really brought it all to life."

Here, the quartet of Ellis (vocals), Max Jacobs (guitar), Nico Scali (guitar, keys) and Daryl Chin (drums) share some things about the band you probably didn't know.

1: We record and produce all our music

We've been making music in Nico's garage studio since long before we were ever a band. So since we first formed, we've always recorded and produced our own stuff there. It's our happy place. We lock ourselves in there for hours and when we emerge we (hopefully) have something we're excited to show you.

2: Max's dad makes the world's best ribs

A couple times a year we gather to fill a plate with what is easily our favourite meal ever: Max's dad's ribs. They are otherworldly. It's tradition at this point that when the time comes, us and all our mates gather at Max's dad's place to feast on his fantastic ribs and world-famous sauce.

3: Nico went solo

Nico has a secret (extremely dormant) solo project that exists somewhere on the Internet. Other members have featured on a couple of the tracks and if anyone can figure it out and let us know they can have free tickets to any of our shows. The only hint is his solo stage name pays tribute to an Aussie music legend.

4: Ellis' favourite drink

While Ellis makes a fantastic frontman he has very questionable taste in beverages. It's not what he doesn't like but rather what he does. Always a talking point, El enjoys a glass of vinegar far more than your average Joe and will scull a full glass with absolutely no prompting.

5: 7/11 band practice

The first time we played together was in the parking lot of a 7/11 for an impromptu 2am jam. We'd ended up there by chance and Ellis had his whole setup in the car. Twenty minutes later we were in the midst of our first jam. Forty minutes later, police let us know that the neighbours weren't stoked about it. We've stuck to studios ever since.

Loretta support Josh Cashman at The Vanguard (Sydney) 20 May.



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