5 Things You Didn't Know About MANE

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MANE's new single is titled 'Over & Over'. MANE's new single is titled 'Over & Over'.

Last week, Adelaide artist MANE released her newest single, 'Over & Over', that is lifted form her forthcoming EP 'Coping Mechanisms' (due 13 November).

Recorded at Shed Studios in Melbourne with John Castle (Angie McMahon, Hatchie), 'Over & Over' heralds a new chapter for MANE.

"'Over & Over' was written in a moment of strength during a really difficult time," begins MANE.

"I think when things are tough, you can choose to sit in sadness or you can choose to push forward; this song is a little reminder to myself to continue to persevere and to fight for my happiness and peace, despite how hard it may be to do so at times.

"I hope it can bring a moment of strength to those who feel similarly."

The accompanying video for 'Over & Over' was directed by ROME (Benee, Mallrat).

"We wanted to capture the freeing feeling of the song," MANE says.

"The director, ROME, did a really great job of doing this and sourcing some of the really beautiful locations among nature across the Adelaide Hills.

"The shoot itself was a long and cold day, but nonetheless was aptly fitting being among the scenery. It was so great to see it all tie together."

Here, MANE shares 5 things you didn't know about her.

1: I am obsessed with watching Bob Ross paint.

Over the past 18 months, it's been my go-to watch before I go to sleep. I've attempted a few of his paintings, yet to master one though. Maybe one day.

2: I grew up 2.5 hours north of Adelaide in a town called Port Pirie.

My family all still live there and some of my good school friends too, and it's always a wholesome time when I get to go back and visit.

3: I use to be a swimmer. Throughout my early teen years I wanted to go to the Olympics and that was my main goal in life.

I trained so hard and even moved down to Adelaide in Year 9 to pursue it, but eventually I burnt out and it wasn't until I decided to quit swimming that I picked up a guitar and found my love for music.

4: I LOVE eating Vegemite on pancakes. No amount of judgement will ever stop me.

A big lather of butter and a gentle layer of Vegemite and it's heaven in my mouth. Don't knock it till you try it. Trust.

5: In South Australia there is a pasta restaurant chain called Fasta Pasta.

When I was at university in 2013 I lived really close to one of the restaurants. I used to get a specific order that wasn't on the menu and I went there so much, eventually they put it on the menu.

Unfortunately this specific restaurant closed down. A few years later I ran into the manager at a fish and chip shop and he remembered who I was.

I secretly want Fasta Pasta to sponsor me, although that's probably not so secret to those who know me well.



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