5 Things That Make Sakr Sad

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Sakr's new single is titled 'Lost Steps'. Sakr's new single is titled 'Lost Steps'.

Sydney-based electronic producer Sakr recently released his latest single, 'Lost Steps'.

As a producer, he has worked with names such as Guy Sebastian, G-Flip, Jessica Mauboy and The Veronicas.

A down-tempo serving of broken-beat electronica, 'Lost Steps' follows Sakr's previous release, last year's 'Home Again'.

'Lost Steps' sees him tackling his relationship with anxiety and the way it can “take hold”, where you feel like you are falling through the ice and can’t find the surface.

“I'm constantly referred to as a ‘Sad Boy’, so I thought I'd make a list of things that make me sad,” Sakr says.

1: When someone thinks that it is OK to spread thick layers of Vegemite on 90 per cent of the toast. Makes me sad.

2: The reminder email from your gym that I’m being a lazy sh.t. Makes me sad.

3: Being lactose intolerant. It makes me sad ordering pizza with no cheese. Makes me (VERY) sad.

4: Sydney's M5 motorway; consistent traffic always making me late. Makes me sad.

5: Stubbing your toe. It’s so f...ing painful and I do it all the time. Makes me sad.



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