5 Things Stood Down Hospitality Workers Are Enjoying In Iso According To Spare No Words

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Melbourne band Spare No Words have released their debut album, titled 'Kill The World'. Melbourne band Spare No Words have released their debut album, titled 'Kill The World'.

Hard-hitting heavy rockers Spare No Words last month released their debut album, 'Kill The World'.

The Melbourne three-piece are comprised of Chris Russell (lead vox, guitar), Finbar Concaig (bass, vox) and Josh Coghlan (drums) and bring a shared love of System Of A Down, Violent Soho and Tool to their own music.

'Kill The World' explores themes related to challenges in life and oppression of the helpless . "It's weird, heavy, groovy; it's silly in parts and earnest in the rest, it's a f..in' ride," Josh says.

With all three members of the band hospitality workers, they've decided to share five things all members of the hospo industry are enjoying while in lockdown.

1: My feet don't hurt

"After many hours across many days of standing behind the bar, feet inevitably begin to get angry, so much so that I had to have both big toenails partly removed!" - Josh (drums).

2: My hands don't hurt

"I decided to be a barista despite the fact I have no self-control regarding coffee consumption!

"Unfortunately my hands also suffer from coffee as they get super dry and crack from prolonged exposure to the dry powder. Iso has been a great time to let the cracks heal." - Finbar (bass, vox)

3: I have time to eat real food

"As a chef, I manage to spend countless hours preparing, plating and cooking delicious food and none of it gets in go in my tum-tum.

"The 35 seconds of smashing pasta on a milk crate in the corner of the kitchen isn't enough to stop the hunger grumps. Being able to prepare the food I want to eat, when I want to eat it, has been a nice change of pace." - Chris (lead vox, guitar)

4: Getting enough sleep

"Working late at the bar as well as both late morning and early afternoon shift starts have led me to having a mess of a sleeping pattern.

"Combine these with regular late-night, after-work beers and you have a very tired Joshy; getting eight hours of regular sleep every night has been a godsend." - Josh (drummer)

5: Karen

"Fortunately for us, the Karens of the world have gone into hibernation, reserving their vitriol for unsuspecting call centre workers.

"Now Karens can make their large, extra hot, weak, decaf, soy cappuccinos in the comfort of their own home. . . and complain only to themselves that it isn't hot enough after letting it sit, untouched on their table for twenty minutes." - Finbar (bass, vox)



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