5 Sydney Artists To Watch According To Singer-Songwriter Rageflower

Rageflower Rageflower Image © Megan Donnelly

Sydney-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rageflower (aka Madeleine Powers) delivers the art-rock single 'Years’.

Emotionally charged and packed with a palpable air of confidence, 'Years' sees Rageflower reflecting on the emotional post-breakup process.

“It initially started as a major diss track but as I was writing the second verse I was like 'hmm. . . This is also me'. It really transformed the song into a reflection on how often both parties contribute to the destruction of a relationship. It’s about taking ownership of your part in toxicity and true, honest accountability.”

Rageflower listened to lush and acoustic folk songs to garner inspiration, and then pivoted to something a little darker and moodier.

“This song started as a folk song, I was listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell at the time. I wrote the song in open D tuning on the guitar and it originally had this massive jangly folk riff in the intro,” Rageflower says.

“When Nico (Producer, Nicodemo Scali) and I started building the production we both decided it needed to go in a different direction, the opposite direction perhaps – and so we started listening to Massive Attack, Bjork and Smashing Pumpkins in the studio to find some sounds that resonated with what we were both feeling.”

Here, in the spirit of discovering and appreciating music, Rageflower lists five Sydney artists you should definitely keep your eye on.


Nick Ward
I saw Nick Ward’s live show in Sydney a few weeks back and MAN. . . That guy has something incredible going on. I’m obsessed. I absolutely love his perspective on songwriting. His stage presence was so honest and made me smile, I was very inspired after seeing him live and will be watching him closely as Ward-core enters my brain-space.


Chelsea Warner
Chelsea is one of the most talented women in Sydney. I remember giving her a tarot reading when I first met her and amongst the cards drawn were 'The Star', 'The World', and 'The Queen Of Pentacles' – girl is going to take on the world and I can’t wait to watch it happen.


New Sydney-based artist Jnr. (Ben Siva) is absolutely someone to watch. He’s only got one track out at the moment 'Remember' which is a PC Music/electro-pop banger. However I was recently lucky enough to hear the next five or so songs coming from Jnr. and HOOLEY DOOLEY I am so excited for the world to hear this music. Very special stuff.


Chris Lanzon
Chris is a true artist. I’ve always found peace in listening to his music, my favourite song being 'Always Forever'. He marches to the beat of his own drum and isn’t afraid of his vulnerability. I always hear some of my favourites in his writing; Phoebe Bridgers, Conor Oberst, even Moses Sumney.


I might be biased, because I work with Nico and Max. But I just love these boys so much. Every gig I’ve ever been to has had as much energy as a Foo Fighters arena show. They know how to perform and they know how to hype you into the sky. Playing at Van Fest with some big names at the end of the year, you’ve gotta make it out to one of their shows – so much fun.

Rageflower's single 'Years' is out now.

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