5 Star Signs Tiarne Just Adores

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Australian indie-pop musician, Tiarne's new single is titled 'Rose Eyes'. Australian indie-pop musician, Tiarne's new single is titled 'Rose Eyes'. Image © Thomas James Isaac

After a year away honing her indie-pop songwriting skills while learning to produce, Brisbane songstress Tiarne marked her return last week with the release of the deeply felt single, 'Rose Eyes'.

The self-produced, DIY track explores themes of hurt, romanticising the dark and learning acceptance. "I've been watching someone idolise and romanticise someone they love, where they're too young to understand how the person they love treats them badly," Tiarne says.

It also finds Tiarne exploring new sonic textures. "I've been so inspired by electronic production blended with the foundations of folk songwriting. I love that combination.

"I'm a Cancer," Tiarne adds, "and I was so stoked to be able to release 'Rose Eyes' in my birthday month!"

As she promotes the release of 'Rose Eyes', here Tiarne shares her favourite star signs that she just adores. "Low-key, [I'm] basing my facts off my go-to app and the legends that I know around me who are these signs. Don't worry, I have love for all the signs, these are a few to name.

"I'm that girl who is always asking what your star sign is and these are five iconic signs that I just adore!"


An empathetic and creative sign, I have so much love for this dreamy bunch.


Everyone has a stand-out Libran in their life. Full of love, personality and they love spilling the tea.


Easy going, genuine and the best sense of humour! You are always in good company with a Leo.


Warm, wholesome and all-round good guy, Aries are a fiery bunch. They'll always have your back, but don't get on their bad side!


Name one Gemini that isn't iconic. There is never a dull moment with this sign! Always up for a good time and deep chats. Special mention: Scorpio. Don't worry, you top them all.



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