5 Songs To Get You Through A Break Up Shared By Grace Sanders

Grace Sanders is an electro-pop artist from Perth.
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The first release since her debut EP 'GUMS' dropped earlier this year, Perth electro-pop artist Grace Sanders returns with 'Scrolling'.

Again teaming with production partner Ezekiel Padmanabham, 'Scrolling' is a glistening electronic-pop ride that also features feverish yet ethereal production complemented by Grace's charming vocals.

Lyrically, 'Scrolling' focuses on modern society's unhealthy obsession with 'glow up' culture.

"'Scrolling' is a modern break up song, where these online spaces and technological resources have become much more vital avenues for communicating and fostering relationships," Grace says.

"The depth and intimacy cultivated in these spaces, and the intensity of feeling inspired by seeing a past partner 'move on' online is something emphasised by our current inability to move freely and interact face to face."

Ahead of her Perth launch show for 'Scrolling' on Saturday, Grace shares five songs to ease you through your next break up.

"This list is intended for you, the reader, to put on your headphones, queue these tracks and surrender to the vast, expansive loneliness that comes embedded in the human experience," Grace says.

"These were some tracks that got me off my phone and through my lowest and most isolated points over the last year while making this record.

"My favourite kind of song is a song that can acknowledge your sadness, but also make you feel empowered enough to want to speed down the coast late at night dancing and screaming the lyrics."

1: Angel Olson - 'All Mirrors'

Do I need to say anything more about Angel Olson that hasn't been said? She is ethereal and punk at the same time.

This whole album is amazing, but this track was the first I ever heard driving home from a gig with my guitarist Tom. Turn it up loud, bang your head along and let yourself disappear into the soundscape of this track.

2: Caroline Polachek - 'Door'

Caroline is probably in my top three favourite singers – the way she uses her voice transformed my perspective on singing and utilising your vocal as a textural layer.

'Pang' was my favourite album last year and got a loooot of spins. 'Parachute' and 'Go As A Dream' are also my hot picks for anyone seeking peace in their sadness.

I interpret this song as being about loving someone who is emotionally unavailable, and I've found screaming "YOU OPEN A DOOR TO ANOTHER DOOR" to be extremely cathartic.

3: Kelly Lee Owens - 'On'

I heard about KLO through an employee at my local Asian grocer around the corner from my place.

It's closed down now, but once a week I would get my veg and talk to this employee about music because he always had the best recommendations. When he suggested this record I was in the habit of going for 3/4 hour long walks every night and I listened to it on loop the whole time.

It's soft and beautiful, and sensitive but still drives really hard and made it on to both my dance AND cry playlists.

4: Alex G - 'Southern Sky'

'House Of Sugar' is an incredible record that was my somewhat late intro to Alex G, and it doesn't miss so you could happily chuck it on and go through the tracklist.

The piano got me the first time I heard this song; it manages to be mournfully nostalgic while also hopeful, especially in the outro. There's something about the way it pulls you in that just makes me want to get on my bike and ride the streets at sunset like I'm 10 years old again.

5: Tanaya Harper - 'Don't Go Outside'

Tanaya has one of the purest vocals of anyone I've heard and I'm so honoured to live in the same city (Perth) and get to see her live all the time.

'Slow Motion Breakup' is an incredibly sincere EP, and oh my god the lyric 'would you speak to a child, the way that you speak to yourself?' hits me in my soul every time I hear how cruel my internal dialogue can be.

Tanaya is the kind of lyricist that brings to attention your own patterns of thinking, and helps you feel less alone for being that way sometimes.

Grace Sanders plays The Bird (Perth) 25 September.

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