5 Songs From Recent Times Dominic Breen Is Really Enjoying

'Lovelost' is the first single lifted from Sydney musician Dominic Breen's debut album, scheduled for release early 2021. 'Lovelost' is the first single lifted from Sydney musician Dominic Breen's debut album, scheduled for release early 2021.

Sydney-based songwriter and performer, Dominic Breen's newest release is 'Lovelost', produced and mixed by Tim Fitz from Middle Kids.

It's the first single lifted from Dominic's debut album, scheduled for release early 2021.

A sparkly blast of "happy-sad" power-pop that leans into contemporary production with an unexpected key change in the middle of the track, 'Lovelost' will appeal to fans of Julia Jacklin and Middle Kids as much as The Go-Betweens and The Triffids.

"It's a sad song in disguise," Dominic says. "It's a photo of woe put through the happiness filter. I wanted a song about hopelessness and uncertainty to sound bright and confident."

Here, Dominic shares a few songs he's been enjoying recently.

Ultracrush - 'Leave'

Ultracrush are infallible; there's not much else I could say. Their songs break you and repair you at the same time. I love this band, this song, and these people.

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys - 'Bad Man'

Caitlin's songs have it. Don't really know what it is. All I know is I can't wait for the collector's edition special box-set release around the year 2070 with all of her 20,000 howling golden hits.

Nick Griffith - 'Riding On My Bike'

Great song to listen to up loud in headphones pushing a trolley around the shop when you need for no one else to exist and for nothing else to matter.

Visions of Makybe Diva galloping through the heavens on a cloud made of Stratocasters all playing this song on their own. In an alternate reality 'Riding On My Bike' goes triple platinum and receives every accolade possible.

Carla Geneve - 'The Right Reasons'

Carla makes clever things sound simple. I'm surprised some West Oz mining giant hasn't got some ANFO explosives and completely destroyed her music yet, like they do with most things sacred, timeless and special.

Bin Juice - 'Methuselah'

When the railway within is banging and rattling, this song oils up the track and tightens the loose screws – and all in just seven minutes.

Why Bin Juice aren't bigger is one of the great mysteries of the Sydney music narrative. That being said, some mysteries last a long time, just like Methuselah himself.



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