5 Solid Reasons To Go Barefoot According To Lilac Cove

Lilac Cove is the new project of South Australian singer-songwriter Laura Hill. Lilac Cove is the new project of South Australian singer-songwriter Laura Hill.

South Australian award-winning singer-songwriter, Laura Hill has recently unveiled a new music project – Lilac Cove.

The first taste of this new adventure is the dreamy, indie pop charm of 'Through The Walls' that was released just last week.

With hints of Kate Bush and London Grammar as well as lush electronic production adding subtle textures throughout, Laura's vocals soar with an angelic, choir-like intensity.

"Inspired by several life-changing events over the last 12 months, it really made me take notice of how one's thoughts essentially shape the life you want to live," she says.

"Ultimately, it's your state of mind that lets thoughts pass 'through the walls' of your conscious mind to control your actions and everyday behaviour.

"Just like the saying 'you are what you eat', you could also say 'you are what you think'."

Ahead of a launch show at The Gov in Adelaide next month (with Ollie English joining as a special guest), Lilac Cove shares five solid reasons you should go barefoot.

"Big hello from the Eyre Peninsula in Coffin Bay. It's been so lovely taking some time out," Laura says.

"In my dash to get there I literally forgot to pack shoes of any description, so here's five top reasons to go barefoot."

1: More fun

Let's face it, the most enjoyable activities in life require no shoes. Also, a good night out on the town normally ends with your shoes off anyways.

2: You can run faster

I always thought it was pretty impressive watching the chick in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' run for her life in heels from that hybrid Rex, Raptor dino thingy.

As impressive as it was, I was like: "Hey lady, you can run so much faster if you take those pumps off!"

3: Earthing

Walking barefoot is believed to make you feel grounded and connected with your natural being. Personally, when I can't make decisions (which is most of the time) I find taking my shoes off really helps.

4: Climate control

Your feet help regulate your body's temperature. Add a bit of water and wind on your feet, and you basically have the purest form of air conditioning available.

5: It just feels good

Summer is coming and I think we're all craving those sand-in-the-toes vibes that only barefeet can deliver. We were not born with shoes on – that would just be weird.

Lilac Cove aka Laura Hill launches her new single, 'Through The Walls', at The Gov (Adelaide) 13 November with special guest Ollie English.



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