5 Sayings That Make No Sense Shared By Winchester Revival

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Winchester Revival are a hard rock band from Brisbane. Winchester Revival are a hard rock band from Brisbane.

After their original frontman "quit out of nowhere", Brisbane rockers Winchester Revival were facing the end of the group – an outcome that didn't sit well with the remaining band members.

Behind a solid 2020 (despite the COVID interruptions) that saw the group release their debut EP 'Set Up' (that landed at #5 on the iTunes Rock Album chart clocking up 30k streams on Spotify), Winchester Revival followed up with another EP this year titled 'The Way We Used To Rock'.

Then the proverbial spanner in the works left them without a lead singer.

"We were a bit anxious about it at first, going from having a great year in 2020 and achieving quite a lot as a newly established band to then having our original frontman quit out of nowhere, leaving us broken and thinking that it was the end of Winchester Revival," drummer, Dane Hogno says.

What the band were unaware of was the line-up change was the perfect tonic to propel the band forward. Enter Jackson Allan. "We now realise Jackson was the best decision we ever made," bassist Josh Moore says.

"He has a unique way of thinking and coming up with ideas that we never would have thought of before."
Adds rhythm guitarist Jack Dylan: "[Jackson] is dedicated, committed and multi-talented; not just a fantastic singer but shreds the guitar like only someone boldly inspired by Van Halen can."

Winchester Revival's newest release 'Reborn, Reformed, Revived' is also the first Winchester Revival song Jackson collaborated on. The track continues the band's nod towards harder rock like their heroes before them: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses and Black Sabbath.

With a national tour in the works and regular time in the studio leading up to Christmas, the lads share a few sayings that make no sense they love using.

1: Rusteeze

Rusteeze was originally known as a product used to fix old, rusty vehicles but more famously known to be Disney character, LightNing McQueen's main sponsor from the movie 'Cars'.

But 'rusteeze' has since been translated by Winchester Revival's self-made urban dictionary into a meaning/ saying that represents a severe hangover or extreme tiredness. For example: "Oh man, I'm feeling rusteeze this morning."

2: Genuine ostrich

This 'saying' makes no sense whatsoever; what does an ostrich have to do with being genuine? Well, put it this way: You might be 'genuine ostrich' about something if you truly believe in something.

Or something so big happened it was 'genuine ostrich'. It really makes no sense, but it's funny how you can put two random words together and make people believe they have a true meaning.

3: Patricia'd

You may or may not have heard someone say: "That wasn't me that was Patricia." It's actually a famous movie quote from the movie 'Split', which is about a guy who has split personalities.

Anyways, Winchester Revival has since put their own touch on the saying and shortened it to 'Patricia'd', which represents someone getting messed-up drunk and making a fool of themselves and getting fully Patricia’d aka 'that wasn't me that was Patricia'.

4: Rhomped

This word might be Latin for something dating back thousands of years, but since Winchester Revival are the most Australian bunch of dudes they've since used this word to represent something that is either messed up, wrong, weird, gross, not right, etc. Rhomped. . . what a word that seriously makes no sense!

5: Dusty

The average person might consider dusty as an object that has a lot of dust on it, but in our world, dusty is a great way to describe how you're feeling after maybe having a few beers on a night out. You might be three, four drinks in and say 'Oh man I'm feeling a bit dusty'.

Maybe this saying makes little sense; what does dust have to do with a human emotion? It's amazing how you can translate something so simple and really meaningless and give it a whole new life with a new meaning that makes no sense ,but somehow makes sense and no one questions it.



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