5 Red Flags When Considering Dating A Musician Shared By The Dandys

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Brisbane indie rockers The Dandys' new single is titled 'Take You Home'. Brisbane indie rockers The Dandys' new single is titled 'Take You Home'.

Newcomers to the scene, Brisbane alt rockers The Dandys are not messing about in creating a buzz during their short time together.

Since launching as a uni project towards the end of 2021, the trio have already racked up a number of impressive gigs including supporting Bakers Eddy and playing Teneriffe Festival as well as selling out their debut single launch show (at Black Bear Lodge).

Armed with two sizzling singles ('Good Life' and 'Lemons'), The Dandys are back with another smouldering serving of grungy, blistering rock & roll titled 'Take You Home' that fans of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and WAAX will devour.

"At the time, I had been listening to a lot of serial killer podcasts and I decided it would be an interesting approach to write from the perspective of one and try and get out of my head all the time and in theirs a little bit," shares lead singer Mads Protheroe.

"It was a really different way from how my lyrics usually come about, but it's basically a song about a one-night stand, from the perspective of a serial killer. Instead of picking up a date, he's picking up a victim."

Ahead of the band's launch show for 'Take You Home' (scroll down for the date/ venue), here they share five red flags if you're considering dating a musician. Classic!

1: They're a musician *except Felix

This in itself is you entering into a world of late-night shows, a $300 car packed with $10,000 worth of gear, flirty fans, being left to fend for yourself while your partner 'networks'; and chances are, you're the honorary unpaid roadie at the end of the night. Enjoy!

PSA for all musicians: Bringing your partner to your gig is not a date.

2: They wear sunnies inside (bonus points if it's night time)

There are very few people on this earth who can pull off wearing sunglasses inside at night time. Unless you're dating Bono, Noel Gallagher, Kanye or Felix. . . chances are this is a massive red flag.

They also probably won't let you have the AUX because your music taste just isn't 'interesting' enough for their liking and they want to show you 'real' music.

PSA for all musicians: The eyes are the windows to the soul, let 'em shine honeys!

3: They're in multiple bands *except Felix

Oh boy, this screams COMMITMENT ISSUES. Honey, this person does not have time for any sort of committed relationship if they're balancing multiple working bands – cut your losses, grab a free beer off the rider and run for the hills x.

PSA for all musicians: Google Cal will help keep your band commitments and relationship commitments separate – game changer!

4: All Their Songs Are Salty Breakup Songs

This one is a HUGE red flag. You already know if you're getting into something with someone whose entire back catalogue is their entire dating history, you're getting a song written about you whether you like it or not.

I mean, it worked for Taylor Swift so I get why a lot of musos do it but. . . when you're thinking about dating one? You're basically fair game writing material rn.

They're already in their Notes page of their phone writing down all the little things that piss them off about you to share with seven billion people on the Internet. It sucks when you're the muse for the hottest track of the summer (from personal experience).  

PSA for all musicians: If you do write a song about someone it is very respectable to show them before releasing to get the ok.

5: No Bed Frame

This one's a given. If they have thousands of dollars of music gear but no bed frame, you already know their priorities are out of whack. This is usually accompanied by two-minute noodles, a vape graveyard and 3 in 1 shampoo-conditioner-body wash in the shower.

You can expect the bare minimum from this kind of muso and probably still be disappointed. And remember, if their bed is on the floor, so are your standards – aim high x (this is not gender specific, we've seen this amongst many a muso).

PSA for all musicians: Some good feng shui will change your life.

The Dandys launch 'Take You Home' at Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane) 26 August.

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