5 Records That Influenced Kwasi's Sound

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Kwasi's first single of 2022 is titled 'Self Sabotage'. Kwasi's first single of 2022 is titled 'Self Sabotage'.

Melbourne/ Naarm-based Ghanian-Australian rapper, Kwasi's first release of 2022 is the single 'Self Sabotage' that features Congrats' (aka Ben Stewart of Slowly Slowly) sing-along hooks.

With more than 1.2M streams of his music to date, Kwasi has supported the likes of Genesis Owusu, 360, Illy and Allday.

"I had some relationship woes at the time; I wrote the words 'self sabotage' on my phone notes on the way to the studio knowing I had some energy to get off my chest that day," Kwasi says.

There was also a creative nervous-energy about the recording session as Kwasi collaborated with Congrats for the first time.

"Being from different music backgrounds we didn't know what to expect when we started creating, but that said we definitely had so much crossover in our musical expression.

"The session felt cathartic and gave way to a long lineage of songs we've now created together."

Adds Congrats: "'Self Sabotage' serves as a much needed follow-up to 'Overthink' as I think it really solidifies the way in which Kwasi, Hamley and I balance our unique styles to create something unique.

"It's a natural way of songwriting with a lot of mutual respect. I really enjoy creating music with them."

Here, Kwasi lifts five records that have shaped his own sound.

Blink-182 - 'The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)' (2000)

This was the first ever cassette I bought when I was ten years old. I had it on rotation for years and it had a huge influence on my love of 'anxy' guitar riffs.

Whenever I would go through a break-up in my younger years, these dudes would be on loop. Got me through some rough times.

Kanye West - 'The College Dropout' (2004)

Sample chops and vocal melodies, this album became my foundation for the way I approached putting sounds together. Kanye's word play and ability to touch on serious concepts while still being funny had a big influence on me.

Bloc Party - 'Silent Alarm' (2005)

This record had a HUGE impact on me. The rawness of Kele's voice and the way they created this sound that was emotional, tough and sexy all at the same time.

Dr Dre - 'The Chronic 2001' (1999)

Melodic West Coast basslines always got me moving.

Kid Cudi - 'A Kid Named Cudi' (2008)

Cudi's ability to be authentic and vulnerable has always stood out to me. He has confidence in his imperfections. In a world full of bullsh.t this is rare and I always wanna bring this authenticity to my own music.



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