5 Reasons To Check Out Banshees Bar In Ipswich With Daylight Ghosts' Karl O'Shea

Daylight Ghosts
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Multi-instrumentalist and composer, Karl O’Shea (Daylight Ghosts, Sarah Stockholm, inovo, Ghostwoods) is the human responsible for organising the upcoming Sarah Stockholm headlining show at Banshees Bar as part of the SPARK Ipswich Festival.

Fellow Brisbane indie artists Ghost Mutt and Daylight Ghosts will be supporting. It's a showcase of new music and the diverse sounds of the indie and post-punk scenes, featuring a shade of grey to suit any alternative music fan's taste.

“It was really a no-brainer for me. I love the space and always feel at home whenever I play at Banshees Bar.” Karl says of performing at Banshees for SPARK. “I love what they’re doing, bringing this slice of culture, creativity and openness to the Ipswich CBD and adding some much-needed colour.”

“I feel like more Brisbanites need to stop being so lazy and make their way to The Swich and show some love for this place. I’m hoping that bringing along some of Brissy’s diverse indie/post-punk sounds will do the trick but I thought I’d list a few more reasons.”

SPARK Ipswich, on in early July, is set to provide a massive range of activities and shows to cater to all audiences, from arts lovers to music aficionados. Check out the 2023 offering.

Here, Daylight Ghosts' Karl O'Shea lists five reasons to check out Banshees Bar in Ipswich, ahead of their gig for SPARK with Sarah Stockholm and Ghost Mutt.


Al and Tim! Al and Tim run Banshees Bar and are incredibly lovely human beings who never cease to make me feel welcome at Banshees. They’ve long been a part of the Brisbane music scene and do more to promote shows for small and independent artists than I’ve seen from most other venues and you really get a sense that they care about your gig.


The vibe! Basically, imagine a little slice of un-gentrified West End that’s been transported to Ipswich and you’ll get an inkling of what the place is like.


LQBTQIA+ Friendly! Safe and communal spaces for the queer community are still very important and Banshees 100 per cent provides that. As a loud and proud bisexual, being able to go to a bar and knowing that there’ll be no tolerance for bigoted, macho bullsh.t just makes me feel that little bit more comfortable.


Musical diversity! I love a venue that will let anything from pop to folk to metal to whatever, grace their stages. There’s too many venues that have limitations on what sounds/genres they will book. Banshees is all about showcasing and supporting diverse types of art. They won’t turn up their noses at your band just because you don’t fit a certain aesthetic.


So much art! So much excellent local art adorns their walls. I’ll spend a good chunk of my time at Banshees walking around and just soaking it in. Plus – I’m never gonna get sick of the lovingly painted, giant penis pieces that are near the toilet entrances!

Sarah Stockholm, Ghost Mutt and Daylight Ghosts play Banshees Bar (SPARK Ipswich) 15 July.

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