5 Pre-Show Pints & Bites With West Coast Indie Pop Band Coterie

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Coterie's new single is titled 'Good Morning'. Coterie's new single is titled 'Good Morning'.

Another dose of dreamy, cosy and mellow indie pop, Perth-based brother quartet Coterie's newest release is the single 'Good Morning'.

Produced by Robby De Sa (MAY-A, Gretta Ray, Sahara Beck) at Ralph Street Studios in Alexandria (NSW), the track's sweet-sounding melodies are complemented by sophisticated instrumentation and mischievous, passionate lyrics.

"The concept behind 'Good Morning' is pretty simple – when it feels like the whole world is falling apart, we're gonna smile through it all," frontman Tyler says.

The band are nearing the end of a run of WA live dates, with one show left in Bunbury on Friday.

Given the lads have been on the road, this listicle of favourite pre-show pints and bites is pretty self-explanatory.

1: Support Locals First

Living on the West Coast, we've grown up with a 'support your locals' mentality.

That's always been the energy around our neighbourhoods, which is why you'll catch us with a pre-show brew in hand made from the very roots of the town we're in.

Our ride would've been over long ago if it wasn't for that frame of mind, and we're grateful to our mates near and far for having it.

2: Chicken Schnitzel

What else needs to be said? A classic, a staple in the pub feed family. Maybe a little heavy if you're about to belt out some '80s Whitney, but nevertheless, if it's on the menu it's in the belly!

3: Canadian Club

This one's slowly grown on us. A sip or three of CC's original whiskeys can clear the pipes pretty good before hitting a big jam.

We aren't exactly heavy hitters when it comes to pre-show poison, but CC does the trick. Endorsement?

4: Colonial Small Ale

Brewed in Margaret River, when it comes to beers that won't knock you on your ass but still give your palate plenty to work with, Colonial Small Ale fits the bill every, damn time.

We've loved the couple of shows we've played down in Margs, and this beer pretty much sums up the town for us. Easy.

5: Chips & Wings

Keep it simple, stupid. A good cheeseboard and glass of red needs a worthy mention, but chips are all time. It sounds basic because it is.

Why fix something that ain't broke? The wings are just a bonus to be honest. Pre-show or post-show, or the morning after.

Coterie play Prince Of Wales Hotel (Bunbury) 5 November.



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