5 Positive Reminders To Enrich Your Life Shared By Flaskas

Flaskas are an indie roots-funk-rock band from Sunshine Coast. Flaskas are an indie roots-funk-rock band from Sunshine Coast.

Self-described as 'earth rock', Sunshine Coast indie act Flaskas latest release is the powerful and beautiful new single 'Paradise'.

Since forming in 2016, the four-piece – who fuse an organic blend of world, coastal and Indigenous music through a lens of roots, funk, folk and blues – have released an album (2018's 'Kingdom Come') and shared stages with the likes of Ash Grunwald, Boy & Bear and Tijuana Cartel.

Prior to the release of 'Paradise', the lads released the three-track EP 'Free The Mind' – a collection of songs focused on mental health.

"'Paradise' was written at the famous Airlie Beach when we were up north playing at the Airlie Beach Music Festival," the band says.

"This track confesses our love for this country, our 'Paradise' and our love for sharing our music all over the place with you legends.

"'Paradise' is a super-smooth, coastal-reggae funk tune that is just a lot of fun. Enjoy."

Ahead of two shows in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast the band, who performed as part of the 2020 Commonwealth Games Welcoming Ceremony, share five positive messages to enrich your life. Bless.

1: You Always Have A Choice

Remember you have the gift of free will, the power to change your life. Use this gift wisely.

2: Be Yourself

Be yourself always. You are a unique piece of the puzzle. There is only one of you in the world and the word needs just you, nothing more.

3: Always Tell The Truth

Let truth be truth and truth be told, for with truth you are truly free.

4: Have No Fear

Fear is a misunderstanding of the truth.

5: Love Unconditionally

Unconditional love is a balance of giving and receiving without one or the other love cannot be whole.

Flaskas 2021 Tour Dates

Sat 20 Nov - Felons Barrel Hall (Brisbane)
Fri 3 Dec - Eleven Dive Bar (Sunshine Coast)



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