5 Places To Quarantine In 2020 As Experienced By Father Grant and The Blunt Objects

Father Grant And The Blunt Objects are the house band for Company 2's new production 'Le Coup'. Father Grant And The Blunt Objects are the house band for Company 2's new production 'Le Coup'.

Wild showmanship meets neo-vaudeville when the daring competitors of 'Le Coup' present their skills: hand-to-hand acrobatics, trapeze, sling, hair hanging, and juggling (with bowling balls).

Featuring a ferocious live soundtrack by the bluegrass band Father Grant and The Blunt Objects and singer Mary Murderess, the artists fire each other up to the highest level of entertainment.

A tribute to old funfairs, the travelling folk, the showmen and women who had to earn the favour of the audience in order to survive, 'Le Coup' arrives at The Tivoli in Brisbane for a short season (26-28 November, 3-5 December).

Before 'Le Coup' lands in Brisbane, Father Grant shares his experiences quarantining around the globe in 2020.

"Most folks are no stranger to finding themselves locked inside staring at a wall at some point during 2020.

"But somehow I seem to have had the unusual experience of being locked inside across a couple of continents and quite a few cities. Here is my top 5 places to quarantine."

Berlin, Germany

This one was pretty good, even at the height of things I could still go for a walk in the park and be out and about all day.

Also being able to walk around with an open beer is a plus compared to Australian licensing laws. A pretty good place to be in full lockdown.

Howard Springs, Darwin

This facility has its ups and downs; there's no Uber Eats so you are more at the mercy of the cooks, and also no deliveries of alcohol or care packages from friends.

But you get a swim each week, and you can go for big walks/ runs as long as you wear a mask. The biggest challenge is the heat and humidity though, and the rooms are pretty bleak.

Aalborg, Denmark

This one barely counts. There wasn't much of a lockdown happening at all there. No masks required indoors, just the odd bottle of hand sanitiser. It sounds a lot like current day Brisbane actually. Easiest of the lot.

Melbourne, Victoria

The curfew was pretty tough; the hour allowed out a day was pretty tough, and obviously the 5km rule was a killer. Overall, everyone seemed pretty resilient and positive.

I had daily walks in the park with mates at the height of lockdown and it felt pretty normal in many ways.

Hotel Quarantine, Sydney

Being stuck in a hotel room for two weeks is pretty bleak, but it was good being able to have mates drop off guitars, things to exercise with, food and drinks etc.

It felt a lot more connected than Darwin Quarantine, but I couldn't wait to stretch my legs.

'Le Coup' featuring Father Grant and The Blunt Objects and singer Mary Murderess takes place at The Tivoli (Brisbane) 26-28 November and 3-5 December.



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