5 Phobias That Have Affected Project BEXX

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Project BEXX is a Perth-based DJ-producer-performance artist. Project BEXX is a Perth-based DJ-producer-performance artist.

Fresh off winning Best Live Electronic Act at the WAMAwards, Perth-based electronic producer, DJ and performance artist Project BEXX latest release is the proudly fierce and empowering anthem 'Thicc'.

An ode to body positivity that flips the bird at toxic attitudes that are sadly still prevalent in modern society, 'Thicc' blasts out of the speakers with massive, bouncy beats paired with Project BEXX's 'bad-b.tch energy' to create a playful and sassy sonic adventure.

"All people deserve to have a positive relationship with their body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape/ size/ look," Project BEXX says.

"I wrote this song because I have been fighting with this struggle my whole life. Writing this song was at first just a healing and inspiring act for myself.

"'Thicc' is for all the people who have had issues with their body in the past, and are OVER IT. It is an anthem for self-love and I just hope it brings that sense of empowerment to anyone who hears it."

Here, Project BEXX shares a few phobias that have affected her since she was a child.

Anginophobia - fear of choking

I guess this is a normal one for everyone, but I had this pretty bad for a phase in my childhood. It was like I had forgotten how to swallow.

I was googling 'how do your throat muscles work', like how do you ACTUALLY swallow and the ins and outs of that just got me into a big headspin about not actually knowing how to swallow HAHA!

So for about a week, my mum just made me pumpkin soup and I took two hours to eat it every day.

Belonephobia - fear of pins and needles

A GIVEN. The feeling of pins and needles is so WEIRD; I'm sure everyone gets it, but like the weird pain tingling that comes with it.

I get pins and needles a lot when I'm sick/ have the flu, and then I feel like I get pins and needles in my brain or that I'm actually visualising pins and needles in the corners of the room. Anyone else get that? It's a real wild time, haha.

Podophobia - fear of feet

Not so much a fear but more I have the MOST TICKLISH feet ever. I CAN NOT DEAL with any kind of touching/ tickling ANYTHING on my feet or I honestly have a full mental breakdown and can't breathe for the next two hours.

Nyctophobia - fear of the dark

Probably until I was about 13, I had to sleep with a lamp on all night long. I can't even imagine that now – my room has to be PITCH black or I can't sleep.

But yeah, growing up for a long time I needed the room to be lit up like a friggn' football stadium in order for me to be comfortable enough to go to sleep. Wild. Probably because I was really scared of ghosts and watched way too many horror movies for a lil kid.

Lilapsophobia - fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

When I was younger I RELIGIOUSLY watched the 1996 movie 'Twister' at least once a week. If you haven't seen it – GET ON IT!

They literally run around chasing tornados and it's so hectic and tense, but such beauty in the sheer power of nature ahhh. I am both OBSESSED and terrified.

I always imagine being out in a field and seeing a hurricane start to materialise out of thin air and you are just frozen. You can't run. You can't hide. Just watching this beast of Mother Nature form in front of you. SO SICCKKKK!

Project BEXX plays The Sewing Room's 4th birthday party (Perth) 15 October and supports The Washing Line Economy at Badlands Bar (Perth) 22 October.



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