5 Pets To Get Your Through Lockdown Fatigue Suggested By Jade Holland

Jade Holland is a Queensland-based country-pop artist.
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Earlier this month, Australian country, pop-rock artist Jade Holland released her new single 'Fight For It' – a song designed to become an anthem for a world struggling to recover from COVID fatigue.

Jade, who is an ambassador for Mental Awareness Foundation, launched the song at their annual Walk For Awareness event in Brisbane in front of tens of thousands of Queenslanders. "It was nothing short of magical!" shared Jade on her socials.

"I am so grateful to have met some of the strongest people and to have them share their stories with me about their own mental health battles or the loss of someone they loved to mental health.

"Thank you to the Mental Awareness Foundation for having me as an ambassador; I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and all of your support.

"Together we can #FightForIt this song is for you."

The official video was filmed that day with a cast of thousands.

"'Fight For It' is for every single person who has lost someone to suicide," adds Jade. "It's a song that we all can relate to. We've all been there.

"This is our time to stand together and sing for those who are no longer here. This is our anthem now."

Jade was recently added to the re-jigged Groundwater Country Music Festival joining the likes of The Wolf Brothers, Sara Storer, Adam Brand, The Audreys, Casey Barnes, Troy Cassar-Daley, and Caitlyn Shadbolt to play the the Gold Coast festival, which runs 12-14 November.

Here, Jade suggests five pets that will get you through your lockdown fatigue.


Let's face it during lockdown you have time. Time to train a puppy. And their love is unconditional!

I adopted my little puppy Watson in lockdown earlier this year. He's a little English Staffy and is great. While I try to tucker him out, I get my exercise in. HA!

2: Kitten

During lockdown, everyone needs lots of cuddles. And we all know cats can be unpredictable, so you never know if they are going to love you one day and hate you the next. Kittens also can lower stress and anxiety; they have extra benefits.


You can't go wrong with fish. They can't destroy anything. They don't talk back. Their peaceful life will definitely bring peace to your life. Fish can also motivate kids to research and learn more about setting up a fish tank and having healthy water; that's a definite plus.

4: Birds

Birds are great because if you do want someone to talk to, you can teach them to talk. They can also be great alarms when they go off for absolutely no reason at all. They keep you on your toes. These little guys also love caring for you and being cared for.

5: Dogs

Not to be confused with the puppy. Dogs are past the puppy stage and are only interested in being your best friend. You just can't go wrong. And sometimes they do talk back!

Watson, my puppy, is well on his way to being a talking dog, he likes to back-chat about his dinner all the time. ALSO, a bonus about having a dog is you get to go to all the dog parks and live your best social life with dogs. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE!

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