5 Local Indie Artists Beddy Rays Highly Rate

Beddy Rays tour Australia August-September 2022. Beddy Rays tour Australia August-September 2022.

Redland Bay larrikins Beddy Rays upward trajectory continues to skyrocket, the Queensland lads surging momentum reaching peak new levels with the band releasing their self-titled debut album.

That's not all either, with Beddy Rays to pack their bags in August for a monster national tour (their biggest yet).

"When we started a band many years ago as young whipper snappers in Reddy Bay all we wanted to do was play gigs, sink tins and chat to all the legends we'd meet along the way," the band says.

"Now we have our very own album firmly in our grip, and to say we're excited is a major understatement. We decided to go with a self-titled album for our debut because we believe this album IS Beddy Rays through-and-through.

"It's honest, raw and nothing other than what we're all about: mateship, Reddy Bay, good times and beers, but also the importance of looking after yourself and checking in with ya mates. It's made up of our recent singles and a bunch of brand newies we've been cooking up for you legends. A nice mixed bag of lollies! We hope you love it as much as we do!"

Those recent singles include the thrasher 'Sort It Out', as well as 'Week On Repeat', 'Wait A While', 'Milk', and 'On My Own' as well as the anthem that started it all, 'Sobercoaster'.

Here, the band share five of their current favourite indie bands making waves in Australia.

King Stingray - 'Camp Dog'

King Stingray are easily one of our favourite bands at the moment. This belter of a track always finds its way into our playlists, soundtracking anything from a Sunday drive to a kick-ons sesh. Their album is highly anticipated in our circle and we can't wait to get our hands on it!

Dice - 'Bad Tattoo'

'Bad Tattoo' is such a relatable track. We first heard it on triple j and the name of the song reminded Lewy of his home-job tattoos. Dice's sound is reminiscent of summer and we could definitely see ourselves winding up in a mosh pit of theirs having a phat time. Very excited to see what they dish up in the near future.

The Hard Aches - 'Party Ghost'

It's so bloody good to see The Hard Aches back in action. Back in 2016 when they released 'Glad That You're Gone' it reeled us in, hook, line and sinker, resulting in us going down a The Hard Aches-inspired rabbit hole, leaving no stone unturned in their discography. Every subsequent release from them has always ended up in our 'On Repeat' playlist and 'Party Ghost' is no exception.

Bugs - 'Alone Again'

Bugs would have to be one of Australia's most loveable bands. Their sound is so bloody fun and their songwriting is so unique and captivating. 'Alone Again' feels like a warm hug from a loved one. It's the type of song that you throw ya arm around ya mate and have a good old singalong to at a Bugs show.

Bakers Eddy - 'Coffee Mate'

Bakers Eddy's new album is honestly one of the best albums to hit the market this year. Their punk/ pop/ rock roots really shine in this track and the lyricism is second to none. Holy crap we're keen to see them hit the stage on our album tour.

Beddy Rays 2022 Tour Dates

Sat 13 Aug - Solbar (Sunshine Coast)

Fri 26 Aug - Freo.Social (Fremantle)
Sat 27 Aug - The Gov (Adelaide)
Thu 1 Sep BBQ Bazaar (Gold Coast)
Fri 2 Sep - Brisbane Festival @ Princess Theatre
Sat 3 Sep - Beach Hotel (Byron Bay)
Fri 9 Sep - UC Refectory (Canberra)
Sat 10 Sep - Altar Bar (Hobart)
Fri 16 Sep - Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)
Sat 17 Sep - The Factory Theatre (Sydney)
Thu 22 Sep - 170 Russell (Melbourne)
Fri 23 Sep - Torquay Hotel (Torquay)

Beddy Rays @ Spilt Milk 2022

Sat 26 Nov - Exhibition Park In Canberra
Sat 3 Dec - Victoria Park (Ballarat)
Sun 4 Dec - Doug Jennings Park (Gold Coast)

Beddy Rays @ Falls Festival 2022-2023

Thu 29 Dec - Pennyroyal Plains (Colac)
Sat 31 Dec - North Byron Parklands (Byron Bay)
Sat 7 Jan - Fremantle Park (Fremantle)

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