5 Lessons Anieszka Has Learned About Herself As A Songwriter In The Last Year

Anieszka is a soul-R&B artist from Sydney.
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Sydney R&B-soul artist Anieszka has released her newest EP titled 'Human', a collection of songs that showcases her ability to connect with listeners using her voice to project an honesty that's balanced by strength and vulnerability at its core.

"This EP amalgamates all the different parts of who I am and what has become transparent to me in recent years," Anieszka says.

"I feel like what we've gone through as a collective over the past couple of years has had a unique effect on all of us."

Anieszka teamed with producers Chelsea Warner, Lui Mateer, Marley Rooney and Stefan Iyapah on 'Human', as well as Diego Raposo on mixing and mastering.

The result is a spectacular assortment of fresh R&B and soul tones that explores themes related to sensitivity and openness, healing, and acceptance of our self-worth.

"For me, it brought clarity and a confidence to write from an authentic place within me," shares Anieszka.

"Each song on this body of work speaks to our many human facets. Whether it is to be more present, be more true, be more forgiving yet conscious of our choices, know we are worthy of love and good things.

"To voice our fears when we do love someone, to not be afraid to express our sensual selves, to practice gratitude for both our emotions and senses, or to remind us of our humanity – 'Human' is a sonic journey of healing.

"Whilst we all have varying experiences of being alive, I feel this body of work is a moment of interconnectedness, where listeners know they are not alone on their journey."

Here, Anieszka shares five lessons she has learned about herself as a writer during the creative process of writing and recording the 'Human' EP.

1: There's a lot of depth to who I am as an artist and person, and I naturally want to write from that place.

I think I was a little scared to a few years ago, but with my releases 'Presence', 'True', 'Choices' and now 'Human', I am completely grounded in that depth and see it as a big part of who I am and what I have to say.

2: There are certain melodies that came through when making 'Human' that are so hauntingly beautiful, I feel like with this particular track I really let myself create freely and without limitations, especially because I was incorporating those Mauritian elements.

It felt like I had so many parts of me in one project. There are certain places my writing and voice go to that feel right to me and might not make much sense at the time, but in the end all comes together perfectly. I guess trusting my intuition and flow when writing has become a huge lesson.

3: I don't have much order to how I write. Sometimes I start with a vocal melody, sometimes I start with lyrics, sometimes I know what sonic elements I want before anything else.

One thing I have observed over the past year and a bit of writing is that a theme usually becomes apparent to me quite quickly. I get this sense of knowing come over me, and all of a sudden I'm aware of what it is I need to write about/ say.

It's always interesting to see what comes through. There have been times when I have been stumped with what to write about, but I often find that those moments are a good indication that I'm not completely present or clear headed.

4: As a songwriter, working with the right producer is key. I've been fortunate enough to work with people that I really connect with on a personal level too.

Chelsea Warner and I have had two hour-long conversations before even starting a session and I think when you share that kind of a connection, it comes through in whatever you create.

There will always be varying situations; as artists/ songwriters we are often thrown into sessions with people we don't know and don't get the time to know either, and amazing things can come out of those too, but I've definitely learnt that having a shared vision and connection elevates a song.

5: I am a big ideas person who's very much willing to try new things, both sonically and lyrically. The process of combining two completely different styles of music, in different time signatures, for 'Human' was testament to that.

I understand music as a language now, a means of expression and communication. I always felt like my music was fluid, but I find myself completely rooted in ideas that move away from the standard and while it once overwhelmed me, it now excites me.

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