5 LA Alt-Rock Bands To Add To Your Next Playlist Shared By The Wrecks

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The Wrecks new album is titled 'Sonder'. The Wrecks new album is titled 'Sonder'.

American pop-rock band The Wrecks have taking the covers off their sophomore album 'Sonder'.

A record that manifested as the group's vocalist-producer Nick Anderson processed a particularly painful breakup, 'Sonder' came together mostly in isolation due to the pandemic.

"Making this album was a very difficult, sleepless journey that took a lot out of me, but each day and night throughout that process, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel," Nick says.

"I wrote this album because I had too. I was slowly and poorly processing a breakup, and for a while there the breakup was winning."

Anderson admits the creative process was a "lonely, emotional, angry, sleepy, and loud process – 5am would roll around and I'd be sitting in my studio next to my snoring puppy trying to perfect the same guitar take that I began attempting two hours before.

"But I knew I was onto something with this new music, and every fibre of my being wanted to see it through. . . There's something for everyone on 'Sonder' and I hope the right songs find the right people when it comes out."

As a native of Los Angeles, here Nick digs into his local knowledge of emerging alt-rock, pop-punk acts you should add to your next playlist.

Lizzy McAlpine

Easily one of my favourite new songwriters. I saw her live recently and it was amazing.


They just put out their debut album this year, and we have the pleasure of bringing them on the road with us this summer. So excited to put them in front of a bigger audience, because they definitely deserve to be heard.

Blu DeTiger

First met Blu years ago at a festival in Denver when she was playing bass for The Knocks, and was blown away. It's been amazing to watch as she's developed as an artist and carved her own space in alternative pop-rock.

Beauty School Dropout

Love these guys' energy. Met them through Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and did a writing session together. They're all so talented and involved and exciting to work with. I think they have a bright future and career ahead of them.

Games We Play

Emmyn is such a great vocalist and it's been inspiring to watch as his hard work is finally paying off for him. If you're into mid-2000s catchy pop-punk vibes, definitely give Games We Play a listen.



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