5 Kylie Minogue Songs & Their Best Cereal Accompaniment Shared By Pogogo Show (Regurgitator)

Pogogo Show is Regurgitator's kids themed alternative live show. Pogogo Show is Regurgitator's kids themed alternative live show.

A cool kids show by Brisbane's quirky crew Regurgitator, Pogogo Show is designed for young people and their adults.

Bringing their usual witty and silly attitude alongside a musical mash-up of funk, pop and rock, Quan, Ben and Peter are joined by Koko for a unique collection of kids tunes that's about as naughty as punk rock can get while still offering a G rating.

"Yeah the kids just wanna scream. . . we all wanna scream. . . they scream for I scream," the group says.

"Time to scoop the cool sweetness that is Pogogo Show on to the big Princess [Theatre] stage. . . grab those wings and wands and make a jumping JULY for it!

"And this time sprinkling the waffle is none other than those Larrikin Puppets [as support act]. Laugh, play, sing and dance along with the quirky Larrikin Puppets! Their colourful, fast-paced puppet show is packed with zany Muppet-mad characters performing skits and catchy songs."

Ahead of the show, Koko shares her 5 favourite Kylie Minogue songs and the best cereal to eat while you're having a bop. Cuuute!

5: 'Love At First Sight' - Coco Pops

The perfect pop song to throw your hands up in the air to dancing at a club with your besties. An exciting surprise, just like the leftover chocolate milk at the end of a bowl of Coco Pops.

4: 'Put Yourself In My Place' - Mini Wheats

A very underrated Kylie track with a sexy space video to boot. Mini Wheats because they would be fun to catch and snap up in your mouth while floating through space.

3: 'On A Night Like This' - Rice Bubbles

Champagne extravagance, a catchy as hell bridge, and a bratty Kylie rebelling against her sugar daddy played by legend Rutger Hauer in the video. A killer Snap Crackle Pop song!

2: 'I Believe In You' - Just Right

A dreamy, balanced and euphoric pop moment that's Just Right.

1: 'Confide In Me' - Fruit Loops

The dark horse in Kylie's catalogue. A sexy, sinister jam with a colourful and sugary sweet video, just like Fruit Loops. Sugar=deadly.

Pogogo Show takes over Princess Theatre (Brisbane) 16 July from 9.30am.



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