5 Kinds Of Cheeses Currently In The Little Lord Street Band's Fridge

The Little Lord Street Band share their love of cheeses. The Little Lord Street Band share their love of cheeses.

WA's country-folk darlings (three-time Best Country award winners at WAM Awards), The Little Lord Street Band (TLLSB) have shared the first taste of their sophomore album with the release of new single 'High Beams'.

Rollicking country-rock with plenty of Aussie twangy guitars and a buoyant personality to get your hips swaying, 'High Beams' has a radiating melody at its centre, yet the lyrics paint a portrait many road travellers will relate to.

"'High Beams' is about a near-death experience that one assumes when confronted by another driver not turning their high beam lights off when driving at night on country roads, and the thoughts that would go through one's head when faced by a blinding oncoming light," band member Jimmy Rogers says.

The band will again be hitting the highways of Western Australia to promote 'High Beams' for a run of live shows across the next six weeks (scroll down for dates).

Here, Jimmy and fellow band member Natasha Shanks share their love of cheese by detailing the various kinds of cheddar you can find in their fridge at the moment.

1: Parmesan

Good on everything especially Jimmy's home-cooked pesto pasta for extra stink; for flavour when you've cooked the sh.t out of the spag bog pasta (Tash); or maybe you weren't sure about the past date mince, you can cover it nicely with parmesan (grated, shaved) but watch the fingers when you do grate it – damage central.

Jimmy can't waste anything, so not unusual to find a stale chunk of parmesan in the back of the fridge (commando style) and that gets thrown into a meal – where Jimmy will say with a smile: "You like that? Used the old cheese in the back of the fridge."

2: Mercy Valley

Damn good CHEESE for all occasions, but so sh.t to try and cut a slice at a picnic, or when your serving up a platter, or just trying to get the cheese out of the packet.

The mess it leaves behind is SUCH hard work, not to mention the snail trail on the kitchen tops if you leave a crumb behind. The worst to clean, but again so damn good.

3: Danish Blue

Bitey, stinky, mouldy looking but fancy with quince paste or pear slice, or splosh of the RED WINE; Jimmy adds to homemade pasta and it's a real treat.

SMELL IT FROM A MILE AWAY once the packaging has been cracked or it's been left unattended on the bench for a while. It's an essential to any platter display – it says 'I do cheese platters and occasionally visit the wine country'.

4: Camembert Costello

Squishy, cold, tasty, creamy goop on a biccy with little holes so it squeezes through when quickly scoffing it into the mouth, already trying to slice another piece with the other hand with a side of apple in case someone else swoops in and smashes a bigger piece.

Why is this cheese the best and tastiest but rolled in smaller packages; why is watching the next day after-effects of way too much camembert and wine about the size of a 60-year-old man hobbling with gout?

5: Masdaam Dutch

Housewarming gift from our neighbour – so fancy. We have no idea what or how to approach it – bit hard, aged over four weeks, ripens fast so when you crack the seal you have to make a meal outta it quick smart; lots of eyes, the cheese knows things.

The Little Lord Street Band 2021 Tour Dates

Sat 30 Oct - Six Degrees (Albany)
Sat 6 Nov - Fire Station (Busselton)
Sun 7 Nov - Suburban Vibes (Fremantle)
Fri 12 Nov - Lyrics Underground (Perth)
Fri 19 Nov - Rodneys Mosman (Perth)
Sun 21 Nov - Finlays (Kalbarri)
Fri 3 Dec - Milk Bar (Perth)
Sat 4 Dec - Prince of Wales (Bunbury)
Sun 5 Dec - The River (Margaret River)
Sat 11 Dec - Beerfarm (Metricup)
Sun 12 Dec - Nannup Hotel (Nannup)



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