5 Inspirations To Write '80s Power Ballads According To Tyler James

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Tyler James lists 5 inspirations behind writing an '80s power ballad. Tyler James lists 5 inspirations behind writing an '80s power ballad.

The Tyler James Band is usually a high-energy rock show, but sometimes you gotta bring out the acoustic guitar to show you’ve got a sensitive side too.

With influences like Def Leppard, Poison, KISS worn proudly on his sleeve, Tyler has been raised on a healthy diet of the world's greatest frontmen.

Part of the Hot Fest travelling festival (headlined by the likes of Kevin Borich, Taste, John 'Swanee' Swan and Marie Wilson), Tyler shares 5 inspirations to write the ultimate '80s power ballad.

1: Travel

You can't miss something if you never leave. Go for an adventure on your own to put your life, and the people in it, into perspective.

2: Hairspray

Tease your hair, grab the hairspray and don't hold back. Hell, spray it in the air like an incense – it'll take you back in time instantly to the era where the power ballad reigned supreme.

3: Watch that episode where Michael leaves 'The Office'

Seriously, that's enough to hit anyone in the feels. I'm getting choked up thinking about it.

4: Visualisation

Often hailed as a powerful element of meditation, it works best for ballad writing if your visualisation involves thousands of fans holding cigarette lighters in the air. Or mobile phones. It IS 2019.

5: Spend some ‘alone time’ with your other half

Those quality hours spent with your other half actually release chemicals that make your songwriting better. It's science.

Hot Fest II 2019 Tour Dates

Sat 15 Jun - Shoppingtown Hotel (Melbourne)
Sat 29 Jun - Coolangatta Hotel (Gold Coast)
Sun 30 Jun - Ross Island Hotel (Townsville)



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