5 Inspirational Tracks Shared By Melbourne Producers Ok Sure & Osopho

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Osopho and Ok Sure are Melbourne-based electronic producers. 'Blind' is their newest single. Osopho and Ok Sure are Melbourne-based electronic producers. 'Blind' is their newest single.

Two thirds of Melbourne electronic collective Queens of Club, producers Ok Sure and Osopho have created an atmospheric burner with new single 'Blind'.

With dank, dark, menacing, and industrial beats that are titillating, the Gothic heaviness of 'Blind' creates a sensory overload that will have you scrambling for the headphones to saviour every last drop of its hauntingly eerie electronic beauty.

It will appeal to fans of Scandinavian electro, IDM, and hyperpop as well horror movies – 'Blind' could easily soundtrack the next instalment of 'Saw'.

With previous festival shows including Rainbow Serpent and Let Them Eat Cake, here Ok Sure and Osopho share five inspirational tracks.

Grimes - 'Genesis'

When we first started talking about collaborating, we wanted to write a 'Genesis'-type track together, let loose and dance about in costume. We conjured all that dark, bass-pop energy into an electronic outfit called Queens of Club. It's ridiculous and very fun.

Rob Dougan - 'Clubbed To Death'

We recently discovered that we were both musically inspired by Rob Dougan's 'Clubbed To Death' growing up. It's on 'The Matrix' soundtrack and features Edward Elgar's 'Enigma Variations' and some late '90s production vibes.

As is the norm, the beat to 'Clubbed To Death' ages the track, but that squeaky-gate percussive string sound stands the test of time. It's rare to find someone to gush over this track with.

Amon Tobin - 'Lost & Found'

Ok Sure showed me (Osopho) 'Lost & Found' by Amon Tobin a few years ago and it blew my mind. The track has its own gravity with delicate, insect-like guitar motifs between heavy, crunching drops. It's simultaneously lush and biting. We want to write music with that description. This track generally inspires us to throw out the rule book and get wonky with sound.

Kirsty Hawkshaw - 'Fine Day (James Holden Remix)'

This song will inspire you to take off your clothes and dance with abandon in a lagoon, which is exactly what we did last year at Esoteric. It was our last, big party and DJ set from Ok Sure before COVID hit and it was certainly one to remember. Crank this one, hug your mates and have a boogie before dancing and touching is illegal again.

Anything by Jon Hopkins

Couldn't pick one song so we picked them all. We bonded over our appreciation for his flawless production, heavy beats and gritty synths juxtaposed with beautiful melodies and delicate piano, something that sums up our music quite well. Osopho makes pretty things and Ok Sure destroys them in the best way possible.



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