5 Ingredients To Enhance A Meal Shared By Cone Of Confusion

Cone Of Confusion are a Sydney-based prog-rock, jazz collective.
Our eclectic team of writers from around Australia – and a couple beyond – with decades of combined experience and interest in all fields.

Sydney-based prog rock, jazz fusion collective Cone Of Confusion recently released their 'space flavoured' sophomore album 'Hominid'.

An exploration of musical curiosity through improvisation, Cone Of Confusion tread down paths of jazz, prog rock and psychedelia, with the music defined by the group's dexterity and experimentation, with a boldness to traverse dissonant sonic galaxies to reach utopia.

"When Adam came back to Oz to launch our debut album, we took on the reunion opportunity to go into the studio, with Jack (aka @plugthatjackin) once again onboard for the production," the band says.

"We had two compositions ready to record and through improvisation, we produced six extra tracks during the extra time in session at Studios 301.

"The variety in tastes and styles of each of us is what brings us together and enabled us to transcend the moment, distilling our differences into a signature sound."

With each member coming from different ethnic backgrounds, they have each highlighted an ingredient related to their home cuisine/ they have grown up eating that they feel adds a special quality to home cooking.

Pine nuts

(Adam, Israel): As kids, cracking pine nuts using a stone was a beloved pastime activity. Later in life, I realised how roasted pine nuts have a rich, nutty flavour that augments numerous dishes: salads, rice, pesto, and of course, hummus. They're also delicious on their own.


(Jack, Italy): Because it's basil!

Sesame oil

(Jay Woo, South Korea): Sesame oil, with a bit of salt, can make any plain dish full of flavour. Great with plain rice, meat and dried/ raw seaweed. Delicious.


(Rémi, France): Nutmeg is the queen of ground spice. It turns every creamy dish or a bechamel sauce into a burst of flavour altogether with its subtle and gentle perfumes.


(Carlos, Mexico): Because Carlos thinks it's better than basil!

Sixth band member Chris (Australia) was unable to narrow down one ingredient being a lover of all food.

The band launch 'Hominid' at Waywards @ The Bank Hotel (Sydney) 28 October.

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