5 Happy-Sad Pop Songs (Feel Good Songs That Make You Cry) Shared By Daniel Shaw

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Daniel Shaw is an Australian singer-songwriter. Daniel Shaw is an Australian singer-songwriter.

A street busker since he was eight years old, Melbourne's Daniel Shaw spent his teenage years taking a DIY approach to his music making that led him to competing in 'The Voice' in 2019 where he placed as the runner-up.

When the pandemic made busking impossible, Shaw quickly turned the skills he'd learned performing on the street to capture new followers on TikTok.

He's now accrued more half a million followers as people tune in for Daniel's musical challenges, footage of him performing as a kid and lyric quizzes.

Influenced by the likes of Ed Sheeran and Coldplay's Chris Martin, Daniel has spent the past year writing material for his debut EP (along with help from Chris Collins, Andy Hopkins, Robby De Sa and Jarrad Rogers).

The first sample of this new music is the happy-sad song 'Drunk High Low', which is also his major label debut release. "I battle with self-expression sometimes, I'm not good with uncomfortable situations and conflict, I run away from them," shares Daniel.

"In this song I point out how my coping mechanism was to drink, I felt that anxiety and depression went away, and I could handle it, I was fine."

Produced by Jarrad Rogers (Charlie XCX, Lana Del Ray, Mark Ronson) and Robby De Sa (MAY-A, 5SOS), Daniel wrote 'Drunk High Low' after moving out of home and finding himself alone in his new (tiny) apartment.

"I wasn't in a good place. I'd moved out fairly suddenly, but the reason the song is called 'Drunk High Low' is because it was just that cycle of getting drunk, feeling alright – which is the high – and then I went right back to feeling low and the cycle would start again."

Daniel enjoys the juxtaposition of happiness and tension in the song, but also the fact the bridge factors in some positivity and light.

"It's great to have some hope in there, and I love the fact that while this song is personal for me, when people listen to it, they will apply it to different relationships and scenarios. "I think it's awesome when they can personalise it."

Daniel Shaw showcases at 2022 BIGSOUND (Brisbane), which runs 6-9 September.

Keeping to the same motif, here Daniel shares 5 other happy-sad pop songs he really digs.

The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - 'Something Just Like This'

This song shows one's insecurity of not being someone who is as extraordinary as super-heroes like Superman or Batman.

I think I would have heard this song on the radio, probably while I was in the car on the way to the city to busk, like I did every weekend. From memory, I picked up this song quickly and started performing it while busking!

I always looked forward to playing this tune because it was one of the songs I had in my repertoire that didn't sound completely depressing haha! But at the same time it does have a deeper meaning and I definitely think it is one of the best happy-sad pop songs out there.

Chris Martin from Coldplay is also one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to musicianship and songwriting.

Tones and I - 'Dance Monkey'

I first heard out about Tones and I through this song and for a long time I always thought that it was some fun, quirky song with very little meaning. I really liked it and was super impressed by how well it did, but I definitely didn't think there was anything deep about it.

However, I recently found out that it was about her busking and people not respecting/ having any patience for her. I grew up busking in the streets of Melbourne from the age of eight, so I really connected with her story and the song.

I like the way she put it: "Replace the word 'dance' with 'sing', and that sums it up." Ever since I found out the real meaning of the song, I've enjoyed it even more and it definitely has to be one of my favourite happy-sad pop songs.

Lukas Graham - '7 Years'

This song is legendary. Such a nostalgic tune that is also super calming and peaceful to listen to. I'm not quite sure when or how I first heard it but I just remember being completely hooked as soon as I heard the piano line.

I love when a song has a good piano line; with piano being my first instrument it is much easier to connect to!

I've probably cried to this song a couple of times to be honest, it's hard not to! I've found this song really inspiring for my writing because of how reflective it is and how it gets the listener to look back on their own life.

This style of writing really transports the listener to another place and takes them on a journey. In my opinion that's one of the greatest things you can accomplish as an artist.

Calvin Harris (feat. Ellie Goulding) - 'Outside'

I think I first heard this song on the radio back in 2014. Super-catchy tune but I had no idea what it was about until pretty recently.

Apparently both Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding were victims of emotional abuse in their relationships. The song illustrates how the abuser generally acts in these kinds of relationships.

I find this song quite inspiring as a songwriter, because you can listen to it so easily and it doesn't take long for the melody to be ingrained inside your head; and it also has a deeper meaning if the listener is willing to take a closer look at the lyrics.

The Chainsmokers (feat. Halsey) - 'Closer'

I had to include this song! It's about meeting your ex, falling for them but then remembering all the reasons why you both couldn't work out. One of the best happy-sad song's out there.

'Closer' is very catchy and lively. I find it quite impressive how it's such a feel-good song but at the same time it surprisingly isn't actually a very happy song. The melody is contagious and the simplicity and relatability of the lyrics is very impressive.

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