5 Food Items You Can Freeze Shared By LT (fka Leanne Tennant)

LT's (fka as Leanne Tennant) new single is titled 'Hold Ya'. LT's (fka as Leanne Tennant) new single is titled 'Hold Ya'.

A three-time Queensland Music Award winner, FNQ singer-songwriter LT (formerly known as Leanne Tennant) has recently released her new single, 'Hold Ya'.

A dreamy ride of indie pop awash with uplifting guitar and an infectious chorus, try and not dance to the welcoming beat of 'Hold Ya' – a clue, it's impossible!

"'Hold Ya' was written during a pretty turbulent time," LT explains. "It's a story about two people in love, however through the struggles they've endured they begin to drift apart.

"Neither of them want to leave, but both of them are desperately seeking reassurance that the other wants them to in fact stay, and it turns out they both do."

Ahead of her appearance at the inaugural Sunshine Sounds Festival on the Sunshine Coast, here LT shares a few foods you can freeze to enjoy later on.

"Everyone is busy in some way, shape or form, and I find that it's the little things I prepare in advance can often make my week/ month run a little smoother," LT says.

"If you cook all your meals like I do, here are a few handy things that you can prepare and freeze to use later when you're in a hurry and also to stop food wastage."

1: Smoothies

If you're a fan of smashing down a smoothie before you head to work or the gym, you can freeze the excess from your last batch into the ice-cube tray.

Just pop them out into a glass jar in the morning and they'll defrost on the way to work and be ready to drink.

2: Garlic

You can never put too much garlic in cooking. I love it. You can crush up a heaps of it when you're preparing dinner and freeze the rest in ice-cube trays ready to pop out and throw into your next meal – saving you the whole process of peeling and smashing next time.

3: Herbs

If you grow your own herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme or oregano, you can freeze them before they turn all gross and get thrown away.

Just line an ice-cube tray with the leaves and then pour in some melted butter. Huzzah! Little herb bombs ready for your next cooking sesh.

4: Lemon juice (or any citrus juice)

The next time you're preparing for a frozen margarita session, juice a bunch of lemons and pour into ice-cube trays. It can also be used in your next stir-fry. The lemon juice that is, not the margarita.

5: Avocados

That's right. Avos never last very long and they're bloody expensive, so the next time you grab a bag of them on special, cut some in half and peel removing the pit and put them in a ziplock bag.

They're no good in salads once frozen, but once defrosted they'll go great in your next guacamole paired with your frozen lemon juice and frozen margaritas.

Sunshine Sounds Festival takes place at Eumundi Showgrounds (Sunshine Coast) 1-2 May (Labour Day weekend).



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