5 Favourite WA Servos & Roadhouses Selected By Surf Rockers Old Mervs

Old Mervs are a surf rock duo from Western Australia. Old Mervs are a surf rock duo from Western Australia. Image © Daniel Hildebrand

'Cellphone' rockers, Old Mervs continue to build a solid following throughout Western Australia with their emotive brand of surf rock that borders the vibes of punk-folk ballads.

The duo of David and Henry grew up as best mates in the small town of Kojonup, the Old Mervs journey beginning in 2017 when they converted an old stable into a jam space.

Since then, they've released a string of singles the past few years including the aforementioned 'Cellphone' that has racked up nearly 1.5 million streams on Spotify. Their current release is 'Out Of Luck'.

With David now based in Margaret River and Henry in Toodyay, and with plenty of life experience gained on the road, the pair rate their favourite Western Australian servos all-time.

1: Billabong Roadhouse

Coming in at #1 is Billabong Roadhouse in Meadow. When other servos claim to have it all, Billabong steps up and asks them all to hold their beer.

Whether it's the chicken-cheese sausages, bacon and egg toasties or a full meal, Billabong really sets the bar high.

2: Kojonup Top Servo

Landing a close second (should be number one though – home-town bias) is Kojonup Top Servo (Hill View Roadhouse).

If there's one thing that's made us want to sit in a truck, go across the Nullarbor and gain kilos by the kilometre it's the famous Trucker Wrap with a combo of cheese, bacon, hash brown and egg complemented by bbq sauce – this wrap threatens to send hangovers to extinction.

3: S Bend Roadhouse south of Geraldton

Not a whole lot going on here, but my golly gosh are their chicken wing dings top-notch. Ah yep, that's all she wrote.

4: Witchcliffe Roadhouse

Witchcliffe sausage rolls, say no more. Big, puff pastry covered meat juicy goodness. Far above a servos pay grade. They deserve clout for their trucker wraps also.

5: Bannister Downs service station

Last but not least, Bannister Downs service station. Top-notch bain-marie but also a bakery. Get your bread for the week and more importantly fill up with chicken-cheese sausages at the same time. After that, pop outside and pat the alpacas over the fence.

Dishonourable mention to any servos within an hour radius of Perth; your bain-marie's are non-existent! You're better than this.

Old Mervs play Rosemount Hotel (Perth) 21 January, YMCA HQ (Perth) 22 January and The River (Margaret River) 28 January as well as inaugural music festival Out Of The Woods (Busselton).



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