5 Favourite Tour Snacks Shared By Paces

Paces new song is titled 'Butterflies'.
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Australian indie musician-producer Paces has followed up his glitchy, hyper-punk emotive tune 'Adrift' (think Blink-182 through an electronic lens) with another highly stylised pop-punk number titled 'Butterflies'.

It features crisp yet hyperactive, wonky, sub-heavy electronic production with an erratic, agitated beat as Paces prays for "the souls of the butterflies as they hit my windshield".

Speaking of the moments that inspired the track, Paces says: "When I was adjusting to life as a single dad there were butterflies absolutely everywhere in my town.

"For about three or four weeks it was just like a huge swarm had engulfed the area, it was really cool!

"It was also really uncool when I was driving home from dropping my son off for the first time and hundreds of butterflies were just slamming into my windshield and dying. A mix of emotions I won’t soon forget."

The song also encapsulates the personal growth Paces has experienced the last year or so as he dealt with the debilitating affects of severe anxiety.

"I wrote this song in an attempt to capture the chaotic free-fall I was experiencing at the time."

The previous decade or so, Paces lived a nomadic life of sorts as an electronic producer-DJ racking up plenty of travel miles as a festival favourite (having played Splendour, Beyond The Valley, Field Day and a stack more) as well countless tours (both in Australia and abroad).

So he knows a thing or two about the best tour snacks to consume while maintaining some level of healthiness. Over to you Paces with your five favourite tour snacks.

Tamari Almonds

These soy sauce-soaked morsels are so salty and delicious. A handful of them at soundcheck is a must. You'll need water though because they make your mouth dryer than a dead dingo's donger.

Spicy Water

Do you like staying hydrated and alive, but sometimes get a bit bored with regular water? Or perhaps you've quit alcohol and want something a bit more interesting than regular water to drink at dinner? My friend, mineral water could be for you.

Can of Coke

One can. Right before you step on stage.


Bananas are so f...ing cool. They're a legume, but they're super sweet and are completely at home alongside fruit.

They go in smoothies or on oats or are great on their own. They're full of potassium which I don't know about but apparently they're 'the good mood fruit', so maybe it has something to do with that?!

Vegan chocolate cake

Celebrate with your crew backstage after your set. You deserve it, kid.

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