5 Favourite Synthwave Sax Solos Shared By FancyNormal

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FancyNormal are a synth-pop band from Melbourne. FancyNormal are a synth-pop band from Melbourne.

Ever felt you weren't heard or felt invisible in a relationship; or that miscommunication, misinterpretation and misunderstanding dominated your daily interactions with your significant other?

If you have, then Melbourne's synth-pop duo FancyNormal are raising a glass of Pinot noir to your frustrations on their newest single, the pop-spritzer bop of 'Fiasco'.

Since first forming 12 months ago as a lockdown project to pass the boredom, Noni and Jules aka FancyNormal have released their debut EP 'Starters & Appetizers' alongside a remix project of their previous single 'Ultra Passion' (featuring remixes by Jason Lee, Andthere, and Brokode).

The release of 'Fiasco' is a self-described cherry on top for an impressive first year by FancyNormal who guarantee its dance-ability; the track will make you feel heard and maybe even say 'OMFG'.

"It's not an anti-love song per se, but more of an anti-rose-coloured-glasses view of what a real relationship looks like," the duo says.

As they gear up for a summer creating yet more synth-pop gems, here Noni and Jules share their love of sax solos and synthwave with a fun listicle that's sure to have you bopping along. We are.

"You can never have too much synthwave. You can also never have too much saxophone," FancyNormal shares (so true).

"That's why we’ve popped together our Top 5 Synthwave Sax Solos to really get your romantic, retro motor purring like a bright pink DeLorean cruising off into distance."

1: The Midnight - 'Jason'

Of course the kings of synthwave take #1 with this emotional, groin-thrusting masterpiece. Special mention to the sax solo in 'Vampires' too.

2: The Motion Epic - 'You're Not Ready'

Holy hell this is a HOT, HOT, HOT TOMALI of a solo. Just picture you and your crush in a red convertible, wind in your face as the sun kisses you both off into the pink sunset.

3: M83 - 'Midnight City'

Bet you forgot this had one of hottest sax lines ever invented. Also betting it's been a while since you spun this classic. Nothing sends more chills down our spine than this song for the ages.

4: FM-84, Clive Farrington - 'Goodbye'

A distant swirly sax polishes off this sad, emotional love song. A definite inspiration for our sax solo in 'Sober Spaceman'.

5: Fractal Man - 'The Perfect Wave'

If you looking to plunge deep into a magenta soundscape of retro synths and one-minute-long ballad sax, get ready to FEEL this lush instrumental masterpiece that feels almost like watching a movie.



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