5 Favourite Riverstage Memories With Leanne de Souza

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Brisbane's iconic Riverstage has hosted thousands of diverse shows over the past 30 years. Brisbane's iconic Riverstage has hosted thousands of diverse shows over the past 30 years.

What are some of your favourite memories of Riverstage?

To celebrate 30 years of Brisbane's iconic outdoor live music venue, the Riverstage30 Survey and Memory Box is a cultural project where the community can submit their top 5 shows at Riverstage along with any images, videos and other memories.

The Survey and Memory Box will help determine the top 30 shows out of the thousands that have taken place at Riverstage over its lifetime.

For those who complete the survey, there is a chance to win a double pass to any upcoming show at Riverstage. The survey closes 20 May, follow the link below.

Leading this project is Brisbane's doyenne of music Leanne de Souza who discovered and launched the careers of many of Brisbane’s finest artists including Kate Miller-Heidke, Thelma Plum, The Medics, George (incl. Katie Noonan) and many more.

Here, Leanne shares her own, top 5 favourite memories of Riverstage.

Beck 'Harvest Festival' (November 2012)

This whole festival I loved – there were chill out nests! Death In Vegas in 2011 on the garden’s stage was a revelation. BUT it was an epic hailstorm and the eviction of the entire festival crowd from the Riverstage that is seared in the mind. I lost all my friends, made new ones sheltering in the stairwell of QUT and then headed back to the Riverstage as the show went back on post-storm. Beck came on after the rain, the air was pure and cool and their music just took me to another time and place. Beautiful.

Riverstage.2.05 19

'Cannot Buy My Soul' Qld Music Festival (August 2009)

A concert with so many feature vocalists playing the timeless and important songs of Kev Carmody. I loved every minute of this exquisitely Brisbane moment of respect for a song writing legend.

Triple J ‘Summer of Safe Love' Concert ft RatCat, Fear of Falling, The Clouds (March 1992)

My earliest memory that I can think of. Our entire Teneriffe share house loved The Clouds records and we would go to all their Brisbane shows. Like most shows of the early 1990s I don’t remember much of the headliner… sorry, not sorry.

Riverstage.3.05 19

Violent Soho + The Bronx (October 2016)

I took my 15-year-old daughter and her best friend for their first mosh pit experience. Watching their faces appear from the pit at the end completely elated, dripping sweat and saying “it was okay mum, a dude that looked like Jesus just kept picking us up when we went down” was a proud parenting moment. I knew they would be safe and I loved every moment of the band’s set to a home crowd.

Paul Kelly 'How to Make Gravy' (December 2018)

A special Christmas treat for the whole family – all the classics, a beautiful outdoor summer evening. We hope this becomes a Christmas tradition!

Click here to participate in the Riverstage30 Survey and Memory Box. Survey closes 20 May.



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