5 Favourite Places To Eat In SE QLD Shared By Hope D

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Hope D shares her love of food and beer with her favourite places to dine out in SE QLD. Hope D shares her love of food and beer with her favourite places to dine out in SE QLD.

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Hope D recently released her intoxicating new single 'Happy Hangover', that she co-wrote with close friend G Flip.

"The song is about fully tripping out and having experiences that will later become nostalgic," Hope D says.

"The lyrics aren't meant to make too much sense, just like the conversations you have when you aren't really on earth on a night like that.

"Yet they always come back to questioning 'if this is really happening?', because you're having a great time.

"For me, the memories around that night are one that will always be very highly rated in my lifetime, so I am so stoked that we were able to make the memories into a really fun song."

Hope is also thrilled to play the first run of shows as part of the 'Happy Hangover' tour. "I am so incredibly excited to play these shows in QLD with people that I absolutely adore.

"I'm a huge fan of Melaleuca, Rose Rogers and KARLOU, and I am already keen to watch them all smash it and fanging to sink beers in the green rooms together.

"I'm going to bring a lot of new material to these shows and have a bunch of fun visual aspects to feast your eyes on.

"The band and I are going to have so much fun and banter on stage, I can't wait for you all to be a part of it too. And as for the day after these shows, let us all be happily hungover together. Maccas on me!"

Ahead of the three shows in South East Queensland, here Hope shares her love of food and beer. "Food and beer. My two true loves. Here are my top five favourite places to go eat, drink and hang out across SE QLD."

1: Uh oh Spaghettio (Brisbane)

Such a sick place, amazing food. Heartbroken since they took the porchetta off the menu, it was too good for this world. So is the rest of the menu, so it's okay.

They serve food late, making it the perfect spot to treat your intoxicated body to a fancy dine-in meal and more cocktails. Plus the beautiful staff are SO lovely.

2: The Triffid Beer Garden (Brisbane)

Huge fan of this venue. Delicious food and drinks, plus everyone that works there are absolute legends. Great to go before a gig, during a gig and/ or after a gig. See ya there :)

3: Space & Co (Brisbane)

This place used to be called Welcome To Bowen Hills, with a pizza kitchen called Harry's Pizza. I fell in love with this bar, so much that I named my home bar 'Harry's Bar'.

The new kitchen at the venue is Zero Fox, serving Japanese and Korean style eats, which I absolutely LOVE, and I'm a big fan of what they have on tap. I also used to work there.

I stopped working there when I learnt that I wasn't allowed to stick my head under the beer tap. So fair, I still love it though. It's right around the corner from The Tivoli, so you should absolutely stop by there for a drink before my show in October.

4: I Like Ramen in Miami (Gold Coast)

ILR used to be in Brisbane and I was honestly there most nights of the week. It's completely vegan and completely delicious, and their cocktails are amazing. It's only a two-minute drive from Miami Marketta too, great excuse to go before or after a show.

5: Solbar in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

Sadly, I haven't explored the Sunny Coast bar/ food scene as much as I rightfully should, but Solbar always tickles all my fancies when I go. They used to serve pizzas in a Kick Drum size, which was a MASSIVE serving of delicious pizza. I like to call it Hope Size.

Their pizzas come in a Tom Tom size now, still bloody amazing. Also they always have an alcoholic ginger beer on tap, which is just the best. And of course, their live music is always the perfect dessert.

Hope D plays The Tivoli (as part of Valley Fiesta) 29 October as well as Solbar (Sunshine Coast) 30 October and Miami Marketta (Gold Coast) 31 October.



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