5 Favourite Places In Melbourne For Pre-Gig Tacos Shared By Watermelon Boy & Big Boss

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Big Boss (left) and Watermelon Boy first collab together is the jam 'Just Start Party'. Big Boss (left) and Watermelon Boy first collab together is the jam 'Just Start Party'.

The first collaboration between Melbourne producers Watermelon Boy and Big Boss, they have come together for a magical moombahton moment with their dance-floor jam 'Just Start Party'.

For fans of Major Lazer and Dillon Francis, 'Just Start Party' features Watermelon Boy's rhythms from the global south clashing with the bass music of Big Boss for a crunchy carnival beat and robo-española vibes. There's even hints of flute throughout.

"What? 1,500 streams in the first day for my collaboration with Big Boss! That's so huge for us," Watermelon Boy says. "Thanks to everyone who's given it a spin so far. Love your guts!"

"Watermelon Boy and your boy collabd on what may be the song of the century," adds Big Boss. "It's honestly about damn time we got together to pull this off. Some beaut moombah and party vibes."

Here, Watermelon Boy and Big Boss share their love of a tasty pre-gig taco feed with their favourite places to tuck into the best tortillas in Melbourne.

La Tortilleria, Kensington

Tortilla is to tacos as rice is to sashimi, arguably the most important bit. La Tortilleria has your veg options on some of the best tortillas in town, delicious filling on a phenomenal base. Strong recommend.

Little Hop, Fitzroy

Hongos Ahumado – these mushroom tacos are genuinely moreish. I'll usually get three of these and whatever interesting sour is doing the rounds.

Mexicali Rose, Richmond

I'm not sure if the countless pre-The Corner gig feeds is colouring my world a lovely shade of rose, but Mexicali Rose delivers some delicious veg options (the nachos, omg) super-friendly vibe and some cheap bevs. Central American Spanish speakers will be comfortable here, which is always a plus.

Los Hermanos, Brunswick

De Calabacitas: These have a great combo of zucchini, corn, tomato and manchego. I opt for no sour cream and get the cactus salad on the side. Yew!

Home Made Tacos for pre-drinks

There are three ingredients in a good tortilla: masa, salt and warm water (Maseca and Masa Lista are the best, fight me).

Mix it up, make it thick, thin, however you want, top it with some chirmol (tomato, red onion, coriander, lime w/ S&P), your favourite meat replacement and seasonings. Nothing will beat this. Super easy, super delicious.



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