5 Favourite Pasta Shapes Selected By Sahara Beck

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Sahara Beck is a Brisbane-based indie pop artist. Sahara Beck is a Brisbane-based indie pop artist.

Sahara Beck will expose her soulful, powering voice at its most intimate when she brings her celebrated songbook to the newly opened Princess Theatre (Brisbane) as part of Open Season.

Sahara has earned a reputation as an arresting performer with a voice like no other, as evidenced by her feature in Bite Club, which booked two seasons at The Tivoli and saw Sahara perform alongside Briefs Factory International to adoring, sold-out audiences.

At her solo show, the Sunshine Coast-raised, Brisbane-based singer-songwriter will perform her anthemic new single 'Crave Me' alongside fan favourites like 'Here We Go Again', 'I Haven't Done A Thing Today' and 'Queen Of Hearts'.

Here, Sahara lists her favourite pasta shapes – yum!


Because I like the way it looks; when I was little, for some reason, I thought this shape must have been much more expensive and fancy than the other shapes. Also, I like the feeling of snapping the centre with my tongue.


I personally think that fusilli gives you a more saucy experience because all the crevices soak up the sauce very easily. They also look like little springs, so I always loved that when I was little.


These are the most playful shape I reckon because you can either pick it up with your fork through the middle or put one penne on each finger and pretend you're made of pasta; or you can put cheese in them!


I like fettuccine more than spaghetti. I feel like it looks nicer when you roll it up on your fork. Also chucking it in the pan with some butter before you have it with your favourite sauce is the best thing you'll ever do.


I reckon cannelloni is fun because you can basically do anything with it. You can eat it with sauce and stuff on the side, or you can fill it up and eat it like lasagna. Like an already sliced row of lasagna. Yum.

Sahara Beck plays Dust Temple (Gold Coast) 14 November and Princess Theatre 25 November as well as Yonder Festival (Sunshine Coast) 27 November.



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