5 Favourite Live Venues Katana Cartel Have Played

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Melbourne heavy metallers, Katana Cartel's debut album is titled 'The Sacred Oath'. Melbourne heavy metallers, Katana Cartel's debut album is titled 'The Sacred Oath'.

Fresh from releasing their newest single 'Air Raid' that features on their forthcoming debut album 'The Sacred Oath' (out this Friday), hard rock, heavy metal act from Melbourne, Katana Cartel list their favourite live music venues they've played.

'Air Raid' highlights the plight of pilots involved in bombing runs during World War II.

"The song takes on the perspective of the pilots during a bombing run and the duality of needing to do their duty and overcome the fear involved," the group's vocalist, Steve says.

"It is a testament to their bravery and stoicism. The song has a punchy, uptempo thrash groove unpinning soaring guitars and a raw presence designed to bring the vocal story to life."

1: Max Watts

Nice big stage, sounds amazing. Very professional set-up.

2: Stay Gold

Kinda central for us to get to, friendly bar staff; they've used the space in the venue well as it feels bigger than what it is.

3: Bendigo Hotel

Super intimate without being tiny. Good memories of playing with great bands and spending quality time with friends in the beer garden.

4: Crowbar Sydney

Another 'bigger feeling' venue with a great sounding stage and accommodation right across the road.

5: The Corner Hotel

For international band's support slots this venue is amazing. It has a stage for days and a mosh pit for weeks.

'The Sacred Oath' is released 26 February. Pre-order it. Katana Cartel play Aftershock Festival at Max Watts (Melbourne) on 19 March.



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