5 Favourite Incense Aromas Selected By DeepFaith

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DeepFaith support The Avalanches Sydney show (27 May). DeepFaith support The Avalanches Sydney show (27 May).

DeepFaith are a group of likeminded individuals (including artists Daniel Stricker and Byron Spencer) whose electronic music is geared towards attaining universal global enlightened collective consciousness (U.G.E.C.C.).

Their most recent single is the twinkling and hypnotic 'Two Shadows', which explores the process of looking inward and reflecting on the past while thinking of the future.

The group have been added to The Avalanches Sydney concert (Thu 27 May), with a limited number of extra tickets released to the previously sold-out show.

Here, DeepFaith share their favourite incense aromas.


Classic. An awe-inspiring scent that will travel you to a safe feeling of home and divinity. Mixed well with a fresh scent on the oil burner, such as eucalyptus, to create a sublime and unique balance.


This one you may like to save for when you have a guest over to impress. It is best served with the windows open to not overpower and give it the ability to waft over you and constantly surprise. It is extremely luscious and will evoke feelings of riches.


Rose has the ability to be the most romantic and elegant of all the incense. It will make you feel love and a connection to emotion in a way that feels nostalgic, as if you have felt this feeling in another life.

Mixed with a fruity scent on the oil burner such as lemongrass will take it to a level of tantric capabilities. This combo is one to watch.


Jasmine incense is not for everyone, but we do feel the balance of fresh air with this extremely fragrant and floral stick is the key to its exquisiteness. It will transport you to the depths of Rajasthan.

Consider burning this in the bathroom by the window while having your morning shower to Hiroshi Yoshimura's 'Green'.


A wild card selection. Some may consider this as a household necessity, but we consider this to be the ultimate Australian incense. It will evoke a warm, summer Australian coastal night sensation. It is emotional but practical, definitely don't rule this underdog out.

The Avalanches play Enmore Theatre (Sydney) 26-27, 29 May. DeepFaith only support the 27 May show.



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