5 Favourite Festivals Selected By Claude Hay

Claude Hay's new band project is called The Kung Fu Mustard. Claude Hay's new band project is called The Kung Fu Mustard.

Blue Mountains blues-rocker Claude Hay offers listeners stomping traditional blues, hard rock and booty-shaking funk, all delivered with slide guitar chops to burn and a vocal range to match.

Claude is hitting the road this spring to launch his new band project, Claude Hay and The Kung Fu Mustard. The group takes its cues from old-school funk, one of Claude's first musical loves, and will take the dance floor up a notch at his already heaving shows.

Ahead of Claude's upcoming tour that kicks off tomorrow and includes an appearance at drought relief concert Lithgow Blast, Claude shares 5 of his favourite festivals he has performed at.

1: Moulin Blues

Definitely my favourite, Moulin Blues festival in the Netherlands. It was my first, real time overseas at a major festival. There is something about playing to people that have no idea who you are and you win them over. Huge melt the sun PA. Super vibes, stars are aligned.

2: Satyrblues

What an experience. The people are so friendly, there's something magic about going somewhere you have no idea about: culture, food, etc. and learning about it, spending time with locals, breathing it in. Poland has so much to offer; they really appreciate you coming over. I felt so welcomed on stage; it's hard to put it in words. Just magic.

3: Zwarte Cross Fest

Zwarte Cross Fest in the Netherlands; man this fest was huge. We got lost trying to find the stage, Spinal Tap all over; sold out at 200,000 people. I do love the Netherlands.

4: Sur seine Festival

In France I loved this French festival because you got to play in strange places; stages were set-up in prisons, girls high schools, nursing homes, in a park where there was high unemployment and so on. Their goal is to bring music to everyone and that is something special. They really look after you over there, treat you like royalty. . . what's not to like about that?

5: Lithgow Blast

I was going to put Alaska State Fair, but my manager told me to put Lithgow Blast because it's coming up and in your area. . . you will go, repeat after me. . .

Claude Hay 2019 Tour Dates

Fri 1 Nov - Beaches Hotel (Wollongong)
7-10 Nov - Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival
Sat 16 Nov - Lithgow Blast (NSW)
Fri 29 Nov - The Stag & Hunter Hotel (Newcastle)
Sat 30 Nov - Harrington Hotel (Harrington, NSW)
Fri 6 Dec - Mo's Desert Clubhouse (Gold Coast)
Sat 7 Dec - Royal Mail Hotel @ 1pm (Ipswich)
Sat 7 Dec - Greaser Bar (Brisbane)
Sun 8 Dec - Head’s Shed (Sunshine Coast)
Fri 13 Dec - Austrian Club (Canberra)
Sat 21 Dec - Butter Factory Blues (Port Macquarie)



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